• Lots of patriots are starting to use for social media communications.

    Below are some of the groups there.

    Why did they take the building? 

       Because they were patriots and had enough.  
    Why did they evacuate the building? 
       Because they are patriots and law-abiders.  
    What was their mistake?
    Remember Ashli Babbitt
    My blog about the events of 6 January 2021:
 - scroll down to find your PC platform or phone
    After you join you can take a look at what chats you want to join.  Here are some:
 - Open Source Intel - Real time conflict reporting - list of Crypto Groups - this is my OST group
    President Trump - @real_DonaldJTrump
    RSBN - @RightSideBroadcastingNetwork
    Candace Owens - @CandaceOwens
    Steven Crowder - @Steven_Crowder
    Donald Trump Jr - @TrumpJr
    Ben Shapiro - @realBenShapiro
    Dan Bongino - @DBongino
    Charlie Kirk - @CharlieKirk
    James Woods - @JamesWoodsReal
    Benny Johnson - @Benny_Johnson
    Students For Trump - @TrumpStudents
    PragerU - @Prager_U
    Turning Point USA - @TPUSA
    The Daily Wire - @realDailyWire
    Daily Caller - @Daily_Caller
    Breitbart - @Breitbart
    TheBlaze - @TheBlazeTV
    Newsmax TV - @NewsmaxTV
    One America News Network - @OANNTV
    NTD - @NTD_TV
    Trump Supporters Channel - @TrumpChannel


  • facebook banned me in 2019 and I quit using twitter soon after.  Twitter sends me e-mails wanting me to post but I just delete them

  • Another option for the American patriots is www.clouthub/com.  Its good and I am a member...Twitter stock went down 2% after they shut down President Trumps account permanenty.  Let more of us get off that platform and bring down Twitter's stock value to $0.00!

    • I wanted a cell phone provider not a social networking site. Although, I will check it out.

  • "Hammer's coming down on everyones head.No more freedom cause AMERICA IS DEAD!"

    Jan.20th. C.C.P. style.

    • Sad, but there is much truth in your words.

  • I found this mobile company. It looks good. Anyone used them before?

    Bring Your Own Device
    • Patriot mobile is my cell phone carier they use T-Mobile for their tower I switch to them 3 years a go.


    • Michael, this is a feeder service for sprint/t-mobile, a company partly owned by t-mobile from Germany. So, Patriotmobile makes money for a German company. 

    • Thanks. What cell phone and internet carriers exist that support conservative/Christian values? I've been looking and it appears that Comcast, Verizon and Spectra are the only ones. I've seen Christian internet providers but they offer low speed DSL and dial up. I wish the Tea Party would creat an ISP. They could set up a GoFund me or create an ICO (Intial Coin Offering) called the TP Coin. It could be a utility token for services. The money could fund TP candidates and build a building close the the internet hubs. I have a friend that does IT and another that knows about creating crypto coins. We would be able to destroy the cabal of tyranical tech companies. What do you think?

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