Turley: The indictment of Sussman is detailed and damning

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  • In order for justice to be effective in serving society's needs it must be swift, fair and predictable.  This slow walk is a travesty and a charade.

  • I will be very surprised if any servant and/or puppet of the globalists is indicted.

    • Unfortunately, I agree with you.  It seems we have two justice systems in the US at the present time.


  • "IF"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Could of, should of, would of... Might indict...should have indicted, maybe will indict, ignores the MOUNTAINS of evidence pointing to the illegal use of FISA warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign... This new... not so new... revelation is just another bit of MSM hype to confuse and redirect the public's attention away from the very serious crimes committed... way beyond simply lying to FBI Agents or Federal Judges... and with the statute of limitations running out, all of the criminal conduct may be dismissed.

    More political theater... a poorly scripted and contrived diversion from the main plot, how to steal an election, staring a host of esteemed characters... as they act out their roles in the theater of misdirection... in a DC production, with an all-star cast... whose criminal plot is to hide the key figures responsible for the illegal use of FISA warrants to spy on then-candidate Trump... together with the false affidavits of FBI agents, used to secure the FISA warrants, the list of crimes is nearly inexhaustible. In Short, this is just more Kabuki theater, going nowhere... in a hurry... another, grand 'eephus' in the Clinton Saga of high stakes corruption.

    However, could of, should of, would of... or Might indict...   has never indicted a single soul in the long history of mankind's jurisprudence.

    • P/S  This theater of the macabre is now in its 190th week of production... and continues to amaze the audience with its seemingly unending list of offensive characters ... whose acting career is only exceeded by their political profession.  So, well-choreographed that it is up for many a sequel  ... in what appears to be a perpetual celebration of corruption in this continuum of DC life.

    • Twenty years after the District was established, a political class had taken up institutional residence, and has been there ever since. I doubt that it will ever be extinguished, since its dynamics are based in human natures' frailty. But fear of consequences can be re-established for the excesses committed in self-interest. It is their choice to throw caution to the winds. It is our choice how to respond to it.

    • .......and how should we respond to it?

      The law has been bent for decades, the guilty walk without as much as a slap on the hand. It is one shocking dismissal of any guilt of the guilty after another, to the degree that we don't even bother to react to it anymore, we know the law applies differently to them than it does to the rest of us. 
      Look at the people still in jail from the January 6th incident......and this is happening in the USA, while those committing treason are going untouched in high positions.

      We are living in communism and we don't even acknowledge it.
      These investigations are a charade, they might put away a couple of people but they are always the no name ones, the real and powerful criminals always go unpunished, they remain rich and free. Our legal system is as  corrupt as our political system, only they have the power to save the corrupt politicians. 

  • Ya right  you know this will go nowhere  .

  • This will be a big fat nothingburger. I have lost all faith in justice ever happening.

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