• I would have fired this doofus a long time ago.

  • He surely avoided ans Jim Jordan directly didn't he?    Fauci is a shill for the left.   

  • The more advanced the world becomes the greater men embrace evil and its many forms...  Doctors once were the epitome of compassion and service to others, the weak and least able among us were seen as in need of our help... not the targets of evil schemes to reduce world populations. Barely a generation ago our fathers engaged in a series of conflicts to eliminate the evil that produced Dr. Mengele and persuaded entire Nations to engage in genocide and the violence needed to subdue the world under the whip of tyranny... only, to ultimately fail.

    Today, the children and grandchildren of those wicked souls look to finish the work their forefathers began... Dr. Fauci and Mr. Gates, together with an entire generation of eugenists and Marxists, deliberately and with malice euthanize billions; while, claiming they are saving the world from mankind and its historic abuses of mother Giah.  The spirit behind these men has confounded the righteous and confused the masses, promising them more they rapidly consume the abundance that once fed the world... leaving less to support the hungry masses. Promising a utopian society these dishonest miscreants of humanity starve the poor, incite violence, and work to destroy the civil order.  They seek to undermine and destroy the foundations of the greatest nation ever to grace the face of the Earth; leaving the world in awe and wondering who or what is next... as the God of Creation hides His face from the calamity of the wicked and refuses to hear their cries, in the hour of their destruction. 

    The people fail to understand that by sowing to the wind they shall reap of the whirlwind... kind for kind, evil for evil, the corrupt shall suffer the recompense of their own handy work. The wicked shall no longer benefit from the prayer of the righteous. God shall soon remove the righteous from this world, for they shall not see corruption nor suffer the reward of the wicked.  He with an ear to hear and an eye to see, let him hear what the Lord would say and see, the nakedness of mankind, while there is yet light in the world and the time for repentance may be found in the heart of man.

  • Fauci appears form his history to be a fraud and tool of  the Left.

    1. Fauci is doing all this to help his socialist leaders he has to go this is all political. 
    • Agreed, however, the man ultimately responsible to ensure this man is retired or fired... is the President... and he obviously has issues with letting him go.

  • Fauci want to be in control sorry but he was not elected by the people. This virus is a submic infection agent and its range in size from 20 to 300 nanometers,it would take 33000 to500000 of them side by side to stretch to 1 centimeter (0.4in.) and they want us to believe the mask will protect us Fauci we are not stupid.

  • I love Tucker Carlson

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