• dorsey is a TRAITOR, totally satanic!!!!!!!!!!

  • All of them are assholes

  • Cannot wait for Trump to get his site going. Got a text asking if I would join when it gets started and in all caps replied ABSOLUTELY. 

    • Shirley,  I will also join at my first opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Their opinion. His comments are just bunk.

  • I look at him and think - Islamic Jahadist!

  • My opinion is that J  D  is America's #1 enemy.


    • As well as all the communist democrats.

  • Guilty Collusder i our overthrow said what? Enough with the Goebbellists false claims of plausable deniability atb the ready for there every insidious action. We bhave to stop accepting their B.S. excuses.

    If you catch your kid doing something and they give you some wordsmithed B.S. like that.what do you say to them?

    You say,"You're full of Schiff and I ain't buying it". The left has gotten away with their nonsense for so long now ,they've practically destroyed all of humanity. Give em time fhough. They're working break speed at it now!

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