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  • The equipment seized in Germany last weekend is back in USA  with the military!

    • Glad you saw that news article, too; when I posted that had my fingers crossed I was not speaking out of turn.  The fact that our US military took the equipment and docs gives me more hope about a possibly better outcome for all the legal team's hard work.

  • I'm hearing a torrent of noise against Tucker Carlson here. Not smart. He's definitely a good guy. You don't like his style ... OK. You don't like some of his presentations ... OK. I listen to him everyday ... mostly good libertarian stuff. Please don't burn down TPO's "house" because you disagree. Let's not play into the enemy's hand. Talk of 'lock and load' is stupid bravado. If you must think that way, please don't destroy TPO's credibility by publishing that here.

    • Tucker wasn't respectful to the great Sydney Powell. He does not trust her and by extension, he does not trust Trump, either, on whose behalf Ms Powell is putting herself out there. Will he redeem himself and come back to Trump's side unconditionally, no questions asked? Well see..... 

    • Tucker should not have been rude and demanding with Sydney! She is obviously a terrific lady, very smart, very tough, working for the president. She doesn't have to do anything that Tucker demands her to do. I don't blame her for telling him not to call her again. She has so much work to do she doesn't have time for someone who's going to be rude to her.

      that is not to say that I don't like Tucker, because I do. I think he has a great program, very informative and I will continue to watch. But I don't like the way he treated Sydney because I hold her in very high esteem also!

    • Sorry, might have been a little harsh and premature... we will be watching Tucker, to see how he follows up on the Dominion material... 

      Getting on my nerves seeing the Georgia GOP throw Trump under the bus... more Romny's than one can shake a stick at... hope they all have very large stock portfolios... as the day Biden wins the election the market will probably lose 50% of its value if not more... he will kill fossil fuels, destroy the re-industrialization of America and unemployment will climb to permanent double-digit numbers reminiscent of the Great Depression... as he shuts down small business for COVID and destroys our economy.

    • :ink to video demonstrating just how phony the recount was... it is horrible. see:


      new link to Ga recount article... big sham.


      Saturday News Roundup: A Sham ‘Recount’ in Georgia as Sidney Powell Preps to ‘Release the Kraken’
      Georgia is about to be lost. The state and country have been betrayed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and its Sec. State Brad Raffensperger, two milqu…
  • Sidney needed to immediately petition the Federal Courts to freeze and impound all election voting equipment, files, and records...  The FBI should have sealed the buildings and put a watch on them.  This is ridiculous... one doesn't leave the evidence of a crime in the hands of the criminal ... too, permit them to alter the evidence.  Basic law enforcement and investigatory actions are being ignored or denied... which I don't know.

    •   It is my understanding, from news articles on other websites - - our US military has seized multiple computers and other equipment, belonging to Dominion, from buildings in Weisbaden, Germany; the Dominion System is controlled by Scytel, located in SPAIN!!!  I would say there definitely was a LOT of "foreign interference" in our US election; the question now, is - -who ordered it and funded it.  Aare you thinking the same thing I am?  Also suspect our US military has "orders" to get the confiscated equipment to President Trump's legal team PDQ!!

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