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  • The pandering to the thinly disguised anti-American agenda of BLM and its myrmidons has to stop, and now. And Braun is wrong: most all issues BLM raises have been solved on a grassroots level. Sports and entertainment generally are dominated by black athletes and performers. Fewer black people are killed by police than are whites. Police departments around the country (including Minneapolis) have banned choke holds except in life-and-death situations, and have rigorous performance review procedures in place. Job discrimination is a thing of the past. Interracial marriage is so accepted that you cannot watch a commercial featuring a family without seeing it (that's a false portrayal but there it is). We have black councilment, mayors, governors, lieutenant governors and members of Congress. We just had (although barely survived) a two-term black President. Yes, black unemployment is high but so is unemployment across the board; it was Trump who advocated and initiated programs to address this. And in any event, unemployment is a function of someone's ability to enter and achieve in today's job market. Fewer and fewer people are equipped to do so. As I keep saying, whatever problems can actually be said to exist have to be solved on the molecular level, not through symbolic gestures, and not through elevating one race above another.

    • You are so right.

    • If Braun want to get to one of the major underlying problems that police and municipal management have to deal with, he needs to work with the Democrats to reduce the power of the police unions (and good luck with that).  The Police Unions have entirely too much power and it is difficult to get rid of the bad apples, because you fire them and the unions sue and the bad cop is reinstated.  After a while police chiefs and mayors given up.  Braun is just playing politics (dangerous politics) and he needs to quit caving to the Dems, it is a no win situation, because the Dems do not want to negotiate, they want everything their way.

  • I think it's a little late... the place one removes a RINO is in the PRIMARY or CAUCUSES... and they know it.  These low life imposter of conservative constitutional government need to be voted out however our election laws make it very difficult to remove an incumbent... we need term limits.  One Term, 6yrs, with 1/3rd of the Congress standing for election every 2yrs... include term limits on all appointed positions including Judges... one term 6 yrs withe 1/3rd being appointed every 2yrs...


  • I guess Senator Braun does not understand very much about BLM.

    This mob which consists of BLM and Antifa are lead by the democrat party. Make no mistake about that! Ever since the civil war the democrat party has been an evil force in America and it has never accepted Americanism and likely never will. It organized every black hating organization like the KKK that has ever existed in the nation.  BLM and Antifa are lilttle different.

    After the civil war, in which it was the party of the civil war, it was the party of segregation. They party of literacy tests to vote, poll taxes and Jim Crow. It was the party of the confederacy and today is the party of socialist democrats. A term used in 1920's & 30's Germany. How did that work out?

    Both BLM and Antifa have become a wing of the democrat party.

    Obama and Biden through national intelligent agencies spied on the republican presidential campaign of Donald J Trump. Once elected they used these same agencies in an attempt to remove him from office. They than impeached an innocent man. What they are doing now is taking to the streets to instill chaos and fear into voters in an attempt to win the election next November. That must not work.

    Either you believe in America and all she has to offer like freedoms protected by a constitution or you do not. Either you believe in free enterprise that has lifted more people out of poverty then any system ever created by mankind or you don’t. If you do not you are going to lose all your freedoms for you, your children their children and perhaps posterity.

    This election is pivotal. This election is about the life you live today and the life the democrats want you to live. That is what they are attempting to force on you right now today, at this very moment!

    What we do come November 3, 2020, will determine Americas future perhaps forever. If we give up our freedoms by electing these so called democrats we will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, live to regret it. Very soon!

    Under the current conditions the democrats must never gain control of this nation ever again until or unless they begin to love America again. They demonstrate daily they do not now.

    Vote conservatives into all offices. Vote for Donald J Trump. So we can keep America the proudest nation in the world and most successfully free nation in mankind’s history. The United States has and does keep much of the world free. KAG!

    • Great Post Don... clear, concise, and cogent.

    • Thank you.  It comes from love of country!  

    • It is not only the dems but the powerful elite who control institutions like the media and government officials.  Take a good look at what they are up to:

      I’m now 100% convinced that the 5G/Vaccine/Crypto combo is The Mark of The Beast. I have no more doubt. It’s in the bag.... Also, the mainstream media and the Pentagon has now introduced UFOs to the masses. Perhaps they’re going to use the UFO disclosure as an excuse to cover up The Rapture when The Saved suddenly disappear.. #cyborg #transhumanism #quantum #supercomputer at Instagram or @The Blood on Facebook "The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin." 1 John 1:7 . . ***I do not endorse pastors or presidents.***

      Posted by Sarah Sage on Sunday, May 3, 2020
    • The return of Jesus is close at hand!  Once he comes back, bringing his church with him, it will be returned to a beautiful world.  Listen for the trumpet!  Wouldn't want to miss the Great Escape!

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