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  • This idiot is why the GOP and Conservative movement is in serious trouble... where did he ever come from... he must be a pettifogger...  can't answer a question without reversing the answer with the very next statement.  That 60 Vote rule is CRAP... it is not Constitutional and can be changed by any majority to a majority 51 vote to get legislation passed.

    The GOP Senators have used that lie... 60 vote rule for decades to cover up their complicit approval of socialist legislation... there is no 60 vote requirement in the Constitution.  We must fire them ll... TERM LIMITS is the only solution... one term, 6yrs, with 1/3rd standing for election every 2 yrs... break the back of incumbency and corrupt carrier politicians.  

  • he is perfect example of a delusional state of mind

  • How could anyone with average intellegence support BLM and Antifa?

    If black lives really matter to these people they would be marching to display their discontent regarding all the black on black murders and shootings that happen each and every week in many of these large cities with high black populations. However, they advertise the fact they do not care for those murdered. It is very seldom these stories even hit the news on the main stream media. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Atlanta. There are more many more in fact they are to numerous to mention them all. But you know what cities they are maybe you live in one of them. The fact is black lives only matter if the life lost can be used politically to try to gain more power in an effort to dominate the country because that is the goal of BLM and Antifa. They wish to destroy this Republic and our constitution and free enterprise economic system. Make no mistake about that! If the democrats get elected back into power next November BLM and Antifa will begin to do their dirty work.

    Biden has already told us he is going to undue all President Trump did to get America back on the track to become great again. President Trump was well on his way toward that goal when the Chinese corona virus came along. We will get back to where this country was before long if Trump remains in office.

    BLM and Antifa’s goal is more or less a continuation of Obama’s promised fundamental transformation. We should all be able to see that very clearly now! Just what do you think America would look like if all police were done away with? That is but one of the detrimental things they want for America.

    Vote conservative next November 3. Vote not just for President Trump but all conservatives. Save America from the mob! A vote for a democrat, any democrat, no matter if they say they are against the mob or not. Once elected they will be for the mob because they are now!

    • Black lives matter and Antifa is hate group thanks to Obama.


    • We will try to get back on track but as long as the Federal Reserves continues to create more currency and to encourage more debt the long term outlook is indeed grim.  We need to go back on to the Gold Std if we want to see a real revival of the U.S.

    • let's hope so


    • Well Said... BLM and ANTIFA are not interested in racism except as a tool to achieve their goals of establishing a Marxist Socialist State in America... that is why they are not concerned about Black on Black crime.. and are focused on dismantling our traditional culture and Christian system of ethics in the United States.  They are all about misdirection, confusion, and fear-mongering.

    • In my opinion the Federal Reserve's activities are the root cause of most of the problems, i.e., economic, social, ethical, violence.  A deteriorating FIAT currency is a sure path to HELL!

    • Louis...

      I agree, however, we need to use OIL and GOLD as the standard for our currency... we have oil reserves on federal lands sufficient to pay off all our debt and to make everyone in America wealthy.  This hidden secret is being kept from the public by greedy big oil and energy... they want to bleed us all dry... one drop of crude at a time.  Let the US Treasury sell Oil secured T bills, to fund and pay off our debts.  The Certificates would entitle the holder to HARVEST/PRODUCE a stated amount of crude from known federal oil reserves.  Stop letting the Oil Companies reap the wealth from our oil and natural gas reserves... it belongs to all of the people.

    • When this country was on the Gold Std. it was a golden age.  The country prospered and move ahead until 1913 when a few scroundrels introduced and passed the Act to establish the Federal Reserve and they snuck it through right around Christmas when everyone was away or celebrating.  Ever since 1913 the country has been on it way down to hell.  The 1913 dollar is now worth something like 2 or 3 cents.  INFLATION...INFLATION...INFLATION...LOSS OF BUYING POWER...LOWER STANDARD OF LIVING.  My Grandfather raised 8 children + 2 that died.  Can anyone do that today? Most Americans who understand what the FED is all about are FED UP with the FED.  Enough is enough.  I thought Pres. Trump was going to get rid of the FED but instead he is coaxxing them on to lower interest rates and the printing of more and more dollars which is generating more and more debt.  I will keep on hoping that he will banish the FED if he is reelected but I am beginning to lose hope but we will see after he is reelected.  It is going to be a tough election and I hope that the Republicans don't underestimate the Democrats, since they are a sly bunch.

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