• That Stupid Communist Bitch Still Has Her Native Accent When She Talks..!!! She Is One Of The CCP - There Are Thousands Of Them Here..!!!


  • This IS TYRANNY..!  Stay Armed- Locked And Loaded At ALL Times- NEVER Let Your Guard Down..! Don't Play With Them- Shoot To Kill..!

  • If you are in a coma, you believe the Commie News Network (CNN) and other msm outlets. If you are even partially alive and awake, you already know you do NOT need a 'vax' to prevent an illness with a 99.97 recovery rate. Especially, when you know all the EVIL actors behind the scamdemic, CDC, Fauci, Birx, CCP, W.H.O., Bill Gates (who holds a patient on the vax numbered 060606, who's lifes ambition is to eliminate 90% of earth's population), corrupt governors like Newsome, mass murderer Cuomo, Whitless from MI. the scumbag from Jersey going after the gym owner in Belmwar, Murphy, etc., and dirtbag mayors like DiBlasshole from NYC, etc.

    No one can be forced to get the DNA altering, MNRA experimental biological agent injection WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. The Supreme court, the United Nations, and the World Court at the Hague all agree you cannot be forced into a medical procedure against your will. Sadly, many brain dead people are freely giving their consent to alter their lives and future eternity with God. The Mark of the Beast, Gate's 666 vax will forever seperate you from God.

    Turn OFF the msm. Do the opposite of what the government tells you to do. Turn to uncensored open source truth sites. Educate yourself, and follow your gut intuition!!

    • Hi Star Seed,  Great Post !  Just wondering if I can 'borrow' your post and place it in my personal blog, please.  It hits on all of my personal sentiments and other facts that other folks NEED TO KNOW.  --Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.  ---Tom  Schuckman.  Blog:  Tom's Logic Journal.

  • Then what good is the vaccine. Have you noticed that the so called Politicians that have all received the vaccine (so they say) are still wearing MASKS. Except Ted Cruz

    • Ted Cruz is a true leader. 

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