• That Stupid Communist Bitch Still Has Her Native Accent When She Talks..!!! She Is One Of The CCP - There Are Thousands Of Them Here..!!!


  • This IS TYRANNY..!  Stay Armed- Locked And Loaded At ALL Times- NEVER Let Your Guard Down..! Don't Play With Them- Shoot To Kill..!

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    • Hi Star Seed,  Great Post !  Just wondering if I can 'borrow' your post and place it in my personal blog, please.  It hits on all of my personal sentiments and other facts that other folks NEED TO KNOW.  --Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.  ---Tom  Schuckman.  Blog:  Tom's Logic Journal.

  • Then what good is the vaccine. Have you noticed that the so called Politicians that have all received the vaccine (so they say) are still wearing MASKS. Except Ted Cruz

    • Ted Cruz is a true leader. 

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