Will Trump Be In Handcuffs?

6a00d8341c18b253ef022ad3aa18f2200d-450wi?profile=RESIZE_400xReport: Arrest of Donald Trump Will Be The Democrats’ October Surprise Ahead of Midterms

"It's not like they're going to let Donald Trump turn himself in. They're going to make this as theatrical as they possibly can," says reporter Julie Kelly.

The Democrats are planning to arrest former President Donald J. Trump in a desperate bid to turn the tide ahead of their imminent midterm election defeat, according to reports.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly from American Greatness joined author Lee Smith on EpochTV.com on Friday to discuss the Democrats’ plan for an “October Surprise” to advance their “insurrection” narrative and pivot from Joe Biden’s spate of epic domestic and foreign policy disasters.

“They’re going to try to put Donald Trump in handcuffs. This would certainly be quite an October Surprise, and we certainly anticipate Democrats are not just going to fold up for this election, even though everyone is talking about an enormous red wave,” Smith said.

The Democrats hope their planned arrest of Trump just before the midterms will spark a ripple effect that will foment into more “mini insurrections,” Kelly argued.

“The outrage and uprising on our side will be condemned. It will not be reported as justified – which of course it will be – so this will be their next election trick,” Kelly said.

“They just have so many tricks up their sleeve. They’re not just going to hand the House and Senate over to Republicans,” she added.

Smith also warned that if Democrats are able to arrest Trump, the Republic will officially “transition” to a “third world state.”

“What they did to Roger Stone, what they did to [former White House economic adviser] Peter Navarro, the idea that they’re going to try go after Donald Trump in the same way, this will have profound effects on the fabric of this country,” Smith said.

Kelly likewise warned that Democrats will make Trump’s arrest under “garbage” charges as “theatrical” as possible and called for Republicans to “wake up.”

“Maybe this will be the moment where people, including Republican leaders who want to bury their head in the sand about what’s happening related to January 6, maybe this will be the wake-up call,” Kelly said. “It’s not like they’re going to let Donald Trump turn himself in. They’re going to make this as theatrical as they possibly can.”

“Furthermore, the charges are complete garbage,” she continued. “Conspiracy to do what? Conspiracy to expose all of the unlawful election practices in numerous states?…These are bogus charges. And I think that will infuriate people even more.”

Despite the fact the January 6 committee hearings are practically non-existent on the American people’s radar, the Democrats are nevertheless plowing ahead with their “insurrection” campaign and subsequent cover-up of evidence.

For example, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) filed an amendment for the forthcoming NDAA that would conceal any information collected by the U.S. military for use in congressional investigations or court proceedings.

Currently, Republicans are favored over Democrats to win back majorities in Congress, with a CNN poll from May showing 49% of voters would vote Republican compared to 42% who’d vote Democrat. Source: https://www.infowars.com/posts/report-arrest-of-donald-trump-will-be-the-democrats-october-surprise-ahead-of-midterms/

What are you going to do if the Socialist Dems arrest Trump? 

(I am afraid of your answer) 

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  • Long Grows The Shadow Of Tyranny Upon The Land

    Long grows the shadow of tyranny upon the land… cold, the hand of the despot upon our liberty falls. Who will stand, who will go, who will answer the call of the fallen…  Whose blood did pave the streets of liberty. We few, we few men, whose lives did bleed, cry out from the grave… Come, stay the course true and live in peace forever renewed… die not the cowards curse, make sure freedom’s thirst…

    Can the bards of time so eloquently lift, their voices to cry …. Give us liberty or give us death… and not be heard?  Can there be so few, yet in this land, to rally round the tree of liberty?  Whose voice shall our children dance to or labor, now; whose cheers of joy shall our wives, great … Will it be free men or the slaves of a new plantation…

    Where comes this cry for justice in our land of law… Who is it, that has turned the servant of the people, to be their master… Call.  Will justice be blind, in a land bartered by men, whose black robes so aptly hide their souls… within.  Let the world know, that the law is a servant, of the people and the unjust judge will be overturned on appeal, to a people… True.

    Woe to the tyrant whose eyes seize upon another’s life and property… thinking to entice the wicked, to engage with him, as his appetite grows bold for more…  Until, there is no more. Then, shall we hear the voice of the oppressed rise to heaven… and the Supreme Judge, of the Land, shall speak judgment upon the wicked.

    Look up, for the day grows short… and the sun soon sets; then darkness will cover the wicked, for a time and a season… But in the morning, judgment comes, upon the wings of an angel, it comes… For, the tyrant shall not escape his end… it is certain… deaths curtain, shall embrace him; tomorrow and tomorrow, with an eternity of sorrow.  Greet now they makers voice, with joy… Rejoice for He alone, will bring a conclusion to this all… With liberty, we shall break the bounds of the despot’s call… with the voice of freedom, we shall rally all.

    RA Nelson

    Col. US Army (ret)

    Long Grows The Shadow Of Tyranny Upon The Land
    Long grows the shadow of tyranny upon the land… cold, the hand of the despot upon our liberty, falls. Who will stand, who will go, who will answer th…
  • This is so maddening!! I was substitute teaching the last week of school, in a middle school. My job for part of the day was to keep an eye on 2 kids - special needs. Only one was at the media class at one point, so I just listened and watched the teacher and her game slide show. The kids were supposed to guess the correct answer. One question was "What country is this flag from?" it had a multiple choice answer. Then she put up a question "Was January 6th a peaceful protest? An insurrection?" There were 2 other choices but i forget what they were. The kids were clueless - no one tried to answer. Then the teacher said "An insurrection". Boy, was I upset! Of course I could not say anything- Another aide brought in the 2nd kid- she was a little more disabled so I had to pay attention to her. But I saw how the teacher, (and I had previously met her and she is nice)  put politics into what was otherwise a fun guessing game. 

    The people who watch CNN (and I know a few) are totally brainwashed into thinking Trump is a liar and horrible person! Terrible the power the media has! I do belive Ms Kelly when she says that the media will portray Trump's arrest as justified, and the outcry from his supporters will be condemned. There was a story in the New York Post a while ago about a man who lives in New York City, and he was well liked in his neighborhood. But then the FBI raided his home, and once his neighbors found out that he was at the 1/6 protest, they turned their back on him!  Last week, it was reported in the New York Post that the FBI returned all of his belongings and they did not arrest him.  Still, I immagine  that the damage is done to his life. What can we do?  The Democrats are purging our military of anyone who supports Trump, so what is left will be more than happy to arrest us or worse should we start a civil war- which I don't advise because that is what they want so they can be justified in rounding us up. 

  • It may be time for a real insurrection and a shooting civil war and something like that may just precipitate it.

    • ADMIN

      Unfortunatly you may be correct. I think conservatives will win! ...and here's why

      Liberal Gun 

      Old gun: is it safe to shoot? - The Liberal Gun Club Forum


      Conservative Gun

      Osama gun: Toy guns in the big, bad world

      Questions........didn't think so!

  • DEMONSTRATE LOUDLY AGAINST ALL BIDENS, HARRIS's, Obama's, soros's,  Pelosi's, Schumer's, Schiff, Nadlers, and many other Communists!

    • ADMIN


      Q: What do you get when you offer a Liberal a penny for his thoughts?

      A: Change.

    • "Q: What do you get when you offer a Liberal a penny for his thoughts?

      A: Change"


      Oh yes, but change for better or worse...LOL

    • ADMIN

      Yes, however, sometimes a 'bad dog only understands a big stick' 

    • Our gov't is full of bad dogs!  I hope we have enough big sticks, and brave, strong souls, to use them.

      Pray, pray, pray.   That IS  a big stick!  God is watching.  The evil ones will meet Him face to face and then, finally, they will know they have chosen the wrong path.  Forever!

  • It will be?

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