Trump: Where Is the DNC server?

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  • I think the smartphones hammered by Clinton aids were a sign to all their friends to indicate all evidence has been destroyed, namely the DNC server (to keep them from "singing")

  • The DNC Server is in the same place the missing 302 notes in the FBI vs. Flynn case... Look for more evidence to disappear as the DOJ finally gets around to prosecuting... also look for an Alzheimer's pandemic to take place and a sudden increase in suicide and missing person reports.

  • BTW Crowdstrike said that the DNC server may not have been hacked and NOT BY RUSSIA for sure.  Obama did it all he and HIllary and the band of marxists in Obama admin

  • Martial law and communism go hand and hand if the United States wants to go with Martial go for it but I am telling you right now our freedom is at stake if we go Martial law point and simple.

    • Communism is a socioeconomic model that is governed by a socialist state... We are already losing our freedoms under the National Emergency Act and the Presidential declaration of a Pandemic emergency. Martial Law, administered by the US Military may be an improvement to the present system of voluntary quarantine and social distancing that has shut down America.

      Martial law will not shut down businesses... It will, however, stop ANTIFA and BLM from burning down our homes and businesses. Under Martial Law, Biden will not be able to claim privilege from prosecution while the US Military enforces the law. AG Barr and Director Wray would not be able to strip the President of his constitutional powers to enforce the law... The hundreds if not thousands of criminals hiding in the swamp would find the Military is more than capable of dragging them out of the mud to bring them to justice.

    • you are right we are loosing our freedom and that's the reason why we can not have Martial law once we loose our freedom guess what happened next the government is telling us what to do, and when you go to sleep, when you can watch tv, when can you take a shower, it's part of government controling the people check other country that have socialism, and communism I know I've been there I am from Haiti,

    • Martial law has been used in the USA on several occasions and successfully returned to civil authority once order was restored... the longest period of Martial law was under Lincoln during the Civil War... the several northern states were under partial martial law as the courts and local law enforcement operated along with other state institutions... it was used fully after the war during reconstruction in the South very effectively.

    • Martial law is the government controlling the citizen period. 

    • The Rule of Law is government... governments are established by the people and through their consent to be governed issue laws and regulations for the benefit of commerce and social order.  The Law is not the problem.. it is those who administer the law for unauthorized and abhorrent reasons that become the problem.  Martial law at the Direction of Pres. Trump would likely be much different than Martial Law administered by Obama or AOC... 

      All laws are restrictive in nature... defining limits or providing guidance on how society is to be ordered... good or bad law is always subject to the consent of the people.  Should the people refuse consent to the law... the government must either modify the law or the People must remove the government.  The means by which the People remove or reform government vary depending on the circumstances and how committed each side is to their positions in the law.  

      Today, we have so many laws that no one is likely innocent... but has violated the law in some fashion ar sometime in their life... be it speeding or parking where they are not permitted.  However, the current government has become overtly oppressive and a majority on both sides of the aisle in Congress see the law through very different perspectives... which is DANGEROUS as frustration on both sides may quickly turn into violence.

      Therefore, it may be necessary to impose order and lawful application of reasonable police powers to save us from ourselves... and CIVIL WAR which would bring great suffering to everyone.  Which is best... limited martial law directed at restoring law and order in our Judicial and Law Enforcement agencies or a civil war?


    I suspect that Trump is like a good attorney. You never ask the question unless you already know the answer.

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