Trump: Where Is the DNC server?

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    • What would you rather see... Martial Law or Civil War.  I would remind you that civil war would likely include martial law being declared.

  • I think we're going to need a country full of revolutions like Athens, TN before this is all over:

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  • So what... AG Barr will not prosecute.  Why?  Why is Trump allowing this disgrace for an AG to remain in office... Mr. President,  stop worrying about what the GOP RINOS, the never Trumper's, Democrats and MSM will say about removing AG Barr... Fire him, the director of the FBI, and their deputies... tell the rest of the DOJ and FBI thier next if they refuse to faithfully execute the laws of the United States... tell them to start draining the swamp or look for a new home.  

    • Trump is acting within the system given to him, he is surrounded by swamp people, many of whom he cannot just fire (an AG he can fire of course). Much of what's going on we did to ourselves over the decades by voting for the "best" liars to benefit our own pieces of pie. To make a lasting change involves changing the system, most likely back to the Confederation, only We The People can do that, even Trump most likely would be against that, so that's a road against the wind in a divided country such as ours

    • Trump is President, not AG Barr, or Director Wray of the FBI... Pres. Trump needs to act on his Constitutional authority and power... to TAKE CARE that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed... Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution.

      Congressional statutes, DOJ and FBI Regulations... court opinions don't set aside Constitutional Law... the President is charged with and given the Authority to ensure the laws of the United States are faithfully executed... He can demand the AG to investigate, charge and submit to a Grand Jury the evidence of criminal conduct of all those in the swamp... and his advisors and the AG and the DIrector of the FBI must either comply or Pres. Trump may fire them for insubordination and or failure to obey his lawful orders.  PERIOD.

      The ball is in Pres. Trump's court he must decide if he will demand the AG and Director of the FBI to do their duty and charge a multitude of criminal conduct by former and current federal employees and politicians... if they will not charge them... fire the AG and Director and appoint those who will enforce the law.  It's not complicated either the AG and FBI director do their jobs of they are removed from office and replaced with someone who will... all appointees who are temporary subject to the Senate's consent and advice have 210 days to be confirmed before they must be withdrawn... however they can be turned right around and resubmitted giving them another 210 days to be confirmed...

      Mr. President, it's time to fight fire with fire... dismiss those agents in law enforcement and the DOJ who will not faithfully enforce the law... be very careful who prosecutes these crooks... as I would not put it past them to DELIBERATELY THROW THE CASE... that's next.

    • I have no doubt that in his second term President Trump will start seriously disinfecting the DC Swamp. For now he needs to focus on bringing the economy back to life and on finding a remedy for the corona virus. And he must do this despite all the lies and misinformation that the propaganda media and "experts" in the swamp will be inundating us with. It's the Left's derangement syndrome that needs a cure because it's more dangerous than the virus.

  • The "Swamp" has earned the new title of "Sewer" with all the rancid, corrupt, uncouth, evil, rotting, excrement which perfectly fits the definition:  an artificial conduit, usually underground, for carrying off waste water and refuse, as in a town or city.....sounds like Washington, D.C., doesn't it

  • Are we going to get to know what you know before the next election?

    • What I and many others know of deception at highest levels has been posted on this and some other sites, the point is it takes a president to reveal it to the nation ... mission accomplished

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