• According to the morning release of the current National Debt, each American Citizen, man, woman, child, now owes over $600,000 each to the debt with nothing to show for it! Illegals owe nothing as they are not counted into the Debt Factor! Our Current Government has us paying for Debts that do not even belong to the United States! The last time the People on This Land found themselves in this exact same position they created a Document "The Declaration of Independence" and delivered it to Britain. Included in the Declaration we Specific Charges against King George and Parliament, exactly similar to our own Seated President and Congress. History given the "Same Circumstances Repeats Itself!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • True, but due process would need to be completely shunted, which is not the condition here yet, I hope and pray. But events are closely similar.

    • Due process presumes the rule of law is justly applied... that ended long ago... there has been no 'due process' for the elite and their henchmen for several decades.  Americans are in effect the walking dead... traveling on a road leading to nowhere.

    • It is true scoff-laws have eluded Justice lately, as they have in the past.

      But due-process evaporates unless sustained in a perfect environment of Justice? 

      That would bring the skeptic out in me.

      But if due-process is worthy of faith, even as Justice is administered questionably, wouldn't the miscarriages be in question, but not the agency of due-process itself?

      So I would remain convinced that only by shunting it entierly, by catagorical rejection of the idea, could due-process fail as our status quo.

      Pessimism, and not medical disease, is the common ailment of today, I believe. But good cause for pessimism is abundant.

  • At a time to be determined, if change can't be brought at the ballot box, other action will become necessary if our Constitutional Republic is to be preserved.

  • And we are just going to sit on our asses and let it happen??????

    • Ask when we get there. 

      Necessity will drive the conversation,

      because necessity will force the issue, painfully.

    • I think you are right Paul, I don't hear much noise yet!  Crickets!


    • I hope not.  

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