• Nothing, absolutely nothing has ever been built out of "Pessimism!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The "Good Book" says, "If they eye offends the, pluck it out." Logic would follow, "If they neighbors eye offends the, pluck it out." When I see a young man beating an old man senseless for a few coins and a wristwatch, I say "Pluck it out." When a gang of boys attack an old woman for her purse, I say, "Pluck them out." Our Mayors and Governors no longer allow the Police to enforce "Civilized Behavior" upon Our Societies, nor are "Abhorrent behaviors adequately punished to equal the crimes performed. The American Citizens have reached that point in out History where we either fully submit or fully resist the division between " Good and Evil, The Acceptable and the Unacceptable " and this we must choose to do alone.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Amen Lynn...

      One can not serve two masters they will hate one and hold to the other...  I am amazed at how quickly the leadership in the GOP has managed to squander their opportunity to set America's course under the leadership of Pres. Trump. Not unlike the Scotts during the time of Wallace these lords of privilege and power have cut and run... leaving the patriot with few resources or positions of power with which to defend the Constitution... uniting the clans is far from their minds... as they cut deals to secure their future. 

      The Patriot movement suffers from a severe lack of effective leadership, resourcing, and the ability to mass their strength in response to critical challenges.  The Patriot is clearly unable to sustain a cohesive force, capable of sustaining commanding engagements.   The world is witnessing the dismantling of a nation whose LEADERSHIP is unwilling to rise to the occasion, while they still have time to peacefully restore Constitutional government.  I am reminded that indecision is no different than no decision as both end in disaster.

  • Spot on ,President Trump. The REAL PRESIDENT!!!

  • The result of indoctrination and lack of education. We created several generations of clueless people. Exactly what communism needs to succeed.

    • Reality will enroll such folks in the school of hard knocks.

      It offers an unparalleled education, but no guarantees of graduation (survival).

    • Seems like Kruchev make the statement "let me corrupt one generation"   ........

  • "I thought Obama was 'one bad dude' but it appears that that would be Joe Biden. He is like the F-15 Eagle fast dropping communism every which way he turns!"

    I'll tell you Dee, I liken Joke Biden to a WW1-WW2 German Stuka divebomber, that power-dived its bomb delivery to target as it's Jehrico airhorns dizzily whined, with the pilot losing consciousness periodically when he did his run.

    While obsolete by WW2, Hitler just adored the aircraft for the psychological terror it inflicted on its intended victims. Does Xi relish our Dementiacrat in the Oval office?


    • this is the 3rd term of obama in a different face and it's not looking good at all.

    • Butt ugly never really does....

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