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  • We need a real Partyfor Americans, not the Swamp.


  • When I registered to vote and did so on the Republican ticket back in 1985 the party was more pro freedom now it's getting to the point where you almost can't tell them apart from a democrat due to the lack of spine in the so called leadership.

    • Jim, it isn't lack of spine, it is collusion.  the gop has sold out to satan!!!!!

  • Well its down to the nitty gritty, if our Senate doesn't fight for our Republic and let me say how disgusting our Senate leader has performed recently in not doing his sworn duty to protect our Republic. President Trump won this election fare and square and it has been stolen. It's up to our president to use his powers as commander and chief to right this travisty. God Bless our President and God Bless The United States of America.

  • All Republicans Senators and Congressmen must fight, the election was fraud and there is a lot of evidence to prove it. The Supreme Court must do their job and stop hiding.

  • I would be in favor of the establishment of a Constitution Party, one whose platform includes adherence to our Constitution as it is written as well as impeachment of judges who attempt to modify it from the bench. Congressional term limits should also be another objective of the new party. I've pretty much had it with the corruption of both parties now in Congress.

    • YES! Our present Rep/Dem government has FAILED the REAL American people totally Nd has been overtaken by the Devel with money.

    • I agree!  There is not much difference between the sides and frankly, neither is what I want. 

    • I agree only I was thinking of calling it the Patriot party.  Adhere to the Constitution, support law and order and term limits, follow the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

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