9 Donald Trump Memes - Best Funniest Collections on Internet Ever

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  • To many people feeding the hungry jiants , Bob Russel said it ++++Facebook,Twitter and google ++.Money over the People that is how it is in China

  • the gop is compromised, owned by the leftist cabal of globalist billionaires.

  • How in the world can we, the American people, allow a physically and mentally deficient proven thief and liar to
    become our President ???

  • We still need to know how this corrupt voting system is going to be fixed. Also jail the perpretators of this Presidential. No consequences and they will do even worse the next time.

    • Shirley, there won't be a "next time" if they get away with this.  Many of us will be murdered outright and the rest will go to the FEMA death camps for extermination!!!!!

  • Janet you need to keep voting just not for the rinos we will over come and drain the swamp

  • If Trump isn't given this victory, I will never bother to vote again

    • Janet, if Trump doesn't prevail you won't have a chance to vote again!!!!!

    • I tend to agree with you.

  • When I lived in New York I was a registered CONSERVATIVE. Why not use that as an alternate party. I would register in it?

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