President Donald Trump had a little fun on Memorial Day eve poking at predecessor Barack Obama, who finally endorsed his former running mate and vice president Joe Biden.

Taking to Twitter, the president shared a short video clip that played off a specific quote from Obama’s endorsement, interjecting clips highlighting the corruption and gaffes associated with the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

Keep in mind that Obama did a little trolling of his own in February, posting a tweet on President’s Day that essentially took credit for the booming Trump economy — at least until the coronavirus pandemic. So it’s not entirely out of the question that Trump was simply reciprocating. In all likelihood, the president is likely looking to keep Obama’s name in the news cycle as the country awaits the results of an effort to investigate the investigators.

President Trump wasn’t all fun and games Sunday night, as he responded harshly to an ad that the Biden campaign put out over the weekend criticizing him for playing a round of golf. An activity that also doubles as “exercise,” the president informed the campaign. He also took at shot at Biden’s actions as vice president and reminded Democrats of Obama’s love for the game, which included playing immediately after speaking about ISIS beheading American journalist James Foley.

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  • By electing the most liberal doctors on the planet for advice, Trump fell into their trap

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