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Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller has vowed President Trump will bring up the Hunter Biden email story at Thursday night’s third and final presidential debate.

“I think Joe Biden is compromised,” Miller claimed.” Joe Biden has now dodged this multiple times.”

"Are you the ‘big guy?’ Are you the ‘chairman?’ Is Hunter Biden handling family expenses and setting aside money for you?” he continued during an interview on Fox Business.

Miller went on to suggest that if the debate moderator isn’t willing to bring up the controversial story, President Trump will.

“If Kristen Welker, the moderator, doesn’t bring it up, I think you’re pretty safe to assume that the president will,” he suggested. “Again, these are real simple questions.”

The emails in question were first published in the New York Post.

They, in part, revealed that Biden’s son may have introduced the then-vice president to a top executive at the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings.

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    • Great point, Jea9.  If we wanted a choirboy, we'd have drafted Franklin Graham.  Before any feathers get ruffled, I'm a Christian who LOVES Franklin. My point is that we're fighting an ever intensifying culture war. We need a battle hardened field general who's willing to fight, not the wimpy bowl of jello served to us during the Bush years. Trump is that man. True-- some may have voted "Trump" in 2016 with one hand on the ballot while the other one held their nose, figuring that on his worst day he'd still be a better option than Clinton. If so, we now have a stellar record of a president worthy of reelection. He planned his work, then worked his plan.  Promises made, promises kept. He's proven himself.  

    • Trump is that man. I hope the Christian bloc wakes up and shows up and votes for God's man and our man. Trump has done more to stand by Christians and Israel than any other President that I know of. He rebuilt bridges in the ME while playing them all  in a giant chess game. He stands alone in the biggest war we have ever had. I wish the eyes of the people would be opened so they could see what Trump is actually fighting against. Evil. Pure, unadulterated evil on all sides. Even within. God bless this man, his mind and heart, his family. 

    • I like the Trump we saw before. That's the Trump that took down Biden big time. That Trump will be back on Thursday to finish off Biden.

  • The Biden family crime cartel is simply an affilate of the Clinton family crime cartel. Drag them, kicking and screaming, out of the shadows of the deep state. And don't forget to eradicate the Obama family crime cartel...!

  • Yes, Mr. President!  Bring the heat on these rats.  Read the emails on live TV.

  • Don't just threaten. DO IT!

    • Amen to that, Diane.  But I'm more than a little suspicious of that little "mute button" moderators are to use when candidates exceed their "time."  DNC has probably colluded with debate officials to bake in one more "rule": Mute the mic when Trump mentions Hunter.

    • It should be a National embarrassment concerning the candidacy of a Biden for President. The entire world watches and holds us in contempt and derision because of it. We are so politically weakened by unrestrained, wide open criminality that our Nation and our people have become the laughing stock of the entire globe. The ship may still float for a while longer, but it is flipped bottom side up, and it won't be long before it sinks out of sight, straight to the bottom.

      Hang on folks.  We are on the brink of learning what ugly really means.  Criminals must be stopped, stone cold.  Tolerance  is not an option.

    • that's right and furthermore, Joe Biden and the Obama administration should have been in jail a long time ago.

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