• I agree with President Trump the media the socialists and the rinos republicans will not go victorious with a fraud election I just wish the FBI CIA and DOJ were doing the job the law of the land.

  • They're are budding news organizations that are out there to report the truth. The fake news will do everything they can to de legitimize them. These liars will team up with big corporations and big tech to give you what they want you to hear. Pravda.

  • When a person or organization covers up election fraud they become guilty of election fraud.

  • No question about it. The MSM is corrupt and needs to be brought to justice. 

  • The Media, the election and the communist demoncrats are just as corrupt as Venezuela, China and other communist countries!!  PURGE ALL COMMUNIST FROM AMERICA!!

  • I agree,  todays mainstream media is just like the Pravda in the old Soviet Days!!  

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