• Notice the warning byline above - "This claim about election fraud is disputed"!!  Well, of course it's disputed, but ONLY by those guilty of committing the fraud.

  • Trump Won The Honost Count!

  • I stand with PDJT!!! I am so fed up with the treasonous democrats, MSM and Big Tech!!!!!!

  • Folks reach out to your Senators state Representatives and tell them we are not giving up!  

    Show up in Georgia and be ready for a fight!


    Stand together!

    • that is so true I did call my Senator I live in Wisconsin


  • We're with you President Trump don't give up Biden doesn't even have half the votes that were given to him.

    • United We Stand


  • My hats goo off for the President of the United State of America. which is Donald J Trump


  • I agree with Donald Trump 100%


  • the Democrats know what they are doing and they deserve to be in jail not only the people who work in the polls, the Obama administration  their the one that want illegal, and the dead people to vote without ID. That was back in the 2008 election that's when Obama became the president of the United State of America so therefore Obama and his administration including Nancy Pelosy, Chuck Schrumer and the rest of the Democrats leaders.

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