• Do you get a sense that the legacy and Internet news media are impatient, either thinly veiled or on full display? 

    When the legacy news was an actual financially independent profession, contraversy like this election fraud case was its bread and butter because it attracted subscribers and SOLD papers/airtime and advertising space.

    But now it seems they have been instead hired to tell a scripted story, like an advertising firm.

    It is as though the story tellers have now been interrupted, and they want to quiet the audience before continuing the narrative.

    I applaud the legal team rolling this monsterous boulder up the hill.

    But win, lose or draw, the evil monsters that underwrote, conceived, and refined this international horror (World Economic Forum, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation,  international banking financiers, the private corporation Federal Reserve, the old money eugenicists, and our renegade public servants judicial, legislative, and executive) must see justice visited upon them or we will never see a chance of peace in this World again.

    We shall not be secure until these self-appointed betters are made to anguish for their own sakes, as everyone else of the projected seventy percent of humanity scheduled to die by 2025 is doing now.

    A sudden drop in their future prospects would be a fitting remedy.

  • I'm not sick of winning, are you? Giuliani developed an excellent strategy. He sure is one of those "best people" Trump says he hires all the time. Giuliani took down the powerful mob in New York, he can take down the deep state if anyone can actually do it. Go Rudy! 

    • From NYC (my home town) Rudy was/is a hero and a half.

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