• A couple of days ago I was talking to one of my fellow retired cop friends who lives down in Savanah, Georgia and whilst we on the phone flinging bovine excrement at each other I made one of my modest proposal and not the one about dealing with over population in Ireland either. Rather it was the governor of Georgia should send in the Georgia Burau of Investigation to depose under oath all the vote counters and that if any of them should wish to availe themselves under their constitutional rights under the Fifth Ammendment of the United States Constitution their names should be made public. After all the public does have a right to know! Would you believe that he had the affrontery to say I was a nasty devious old man? Now the governor of Georgia did send in the Georgia Burau of Investigation to do I know I not what.

    • The vote counters would have to invest in body armor. Wouldn't you?

  • Any ballots that cannot be signature verified because the envelopes were discarded should be rejected and considered null and viod.

  • I want to see the computer source code in the Ware County Dominion machine! How can that be subpoenaed? If it can somehow be subpoenaed, I and my team can analyze it very quickly ... no charge! Any attorney here for an answer??

    • Not an attorney.ย  Why not ask that well qualified expert that gave the extensive affidavit.ย  I'll bet he either knows or can hook you up with a willing person.

  • I keep thinking about the bad example the Dems are setting for these poll watchers and all involved. They obviously think this is ok. Apparently unaware of the consequences they could be facing.ย 

  • I have read many folks stating that a House vote results in a Trump winning handily.

    But as I become aware of federal agency leaders acting as insurrectionists and traitors,ย  how much was by ideology, and how much by coersion?

    With the House as an obvious arena, just how active has NWO vile persuaders recently been in prompting certain House members with the carrot and stick (mostly stick I wager)?

    I urge us to remain ruthless in determination, rather than exhuberant in relief.

    Constant vigilance is the price of freedom.

    • Reagan ... trust but verify.ย Freedomย is never more thanย one generation away from extinction.

  • The evidence was probably destroyed by now

    • Democrats are good at that. That was their calculation when COLLUDING on this fraud election.


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