6899577665?profile=RESIZE_584xPresident Trump on Tuesday announced two actions his administration has taken against China as tensions between Washington and Beijing continue to rise.

During a press conference in the White House Rose Garden, Trump announced that he had signed into law the Hong Kong Autonomy Act and also put his signature on an executive order that ends the United States’ preferential treatment of Hong Kong.

"I signed legislation and an executive order to hold China accountable for its oppressive actions against the people of Hong Kong,” Trump said. “No administration has been tougher on China than this administration.”

Trump’s signature on the Hong Kong Accountability Act comes after the legislation was passed overwhelmingly in both the Senate and the House earlier this summer. The act imposes sanctions on entities that help violate Hong Kong's autonomy and financial institutions that do business with them, and comes as a response to the passage of a "national security" law that tightened Beijing's grip on Hong Kong — which has been semi-autonomous from the mainland since 1997.

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  •  I realize I am virtually a lone voice in the wilderness shouting in the wind, but I cannot accept Trump making law by Executive Order any more than I could when Obama spent six years doing it. Trump has no constitutional authority to issue an "Executive Order" holding China accountable (whatever that means) for its oppressive actions against the people of Hong Kong. While I don't argue the virtues of doing so, it is simply not an act Trump has the power to implement. This process of the Executive simply bypassing Congress when the Executive finds it expedient simply must stop.

    • I agree with you. Bad precedent repeated, becomes seen as acceptable. Kind of like a "thing repeated enough becomes seen as truth." like us being a democracy. Or social justice, which it is not. 

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