• Sounds way overdue. 

  • censorship is WRONG and against the Constitution.  Either we have liberty or we don't and right now we DON'T!!!!!

  • Sorry but the 1st ammendment is sacred.  However what the MSM and social media is doing is SUBVERSION!  DO what China and Russia does SHUT THEM DOWN FOR A MONTH!  Then watch ther svencters pucker!  Teach them they cannot screw with AMERICA!

  • Section 230 must go. Twitter suspended me a month ago because I am a pro-life Christian and they haven't reinstated me even though I have made numerous requests. They still haven't told me what I did wrong.

    • Calvin, I got permanently banned over a year ago.  they told me I would be reinstated if I would apologize and promise to not violate their "community standards" again.  My "crime"?, saying abortion is murder, homosexuality is a sin, and islam is a satanic cult, all true statements.  I WILL NOT apologize for stating God's Word!!!!!

  • First Amendment must be enforced, section 230 is no exception 

  • Section 230 must go now.

  • Fully concur!


    • Oleg and Lorenzo, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN

  • Something is coming.

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