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In a Fox News interview Friday, President Trump was noncommittal on whether FBI Director Christopher Wray would remain in the job following the Justice Department’s decision to drop its case against Michael Flynn.

“Let’s see what happens with him,” the president told “Fox & Friends,” adding that “the jury’s still out” on Wray’s future in the bureau.

Trump said he would leave the decision up to Attorney General William Barr, head of the Justice Department, which oversees the FBI.

“You know, I told Bill Barr, you handle it,” the president said. “I would be absolutely entitled in theory, as the chief law enforcement officer, in theory. But I said, ‘You know what, I want Bill Barr to handle it,” adding that the attorney general “has done an unbelievable job.”

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  • When in doubt, replace them, beginning with Fauci.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I definitely agree with that, he is a crook. encouraging the nation to keep us in lockdown to destroy the economy until he and his buddies can develop a so-called vaccine to sell to the world so they can make their millions. Oh and by the way that vaccine won't be any more effective than any of the others, but they'll still make their money.

    • Easier said than done but, NO INCUMBENTS in any future election would be a good move.  Get Schiff for brains out, get the little Rattler out and we may get lucky with Pelosi; how much longer can she live?

  • Wray MUST BE FIRED since he is complicit with the Deep State and Flynn appointed as FBI Director to clean out the corruption!!

    • Yean!!! Flynn for FBI director will really make the communist left and fake news blow a fuse.

    • isn't that the truth

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