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In a Fox News interview Friday, President Trump was noncommittal on whether FBI Director Christopher Wray would remain in the job following the Justice Department’s decision to drop its case against Michael Flynn.

“Let’s see what happens with him,” the president told “Fox & Friends,” adding that “the jury’s still out” on Wray’s future in the bureau.

Trump said he would leave the decision up to Attorney General William Barr, head of the Justice Department, which oversees the FBI.

“You know, I told Bill Barr, you handle it,” the president said. “I would be absolutely entitled in theory, as the chief law enforcement officer, in theory. But I said, ‘You know what, I want Bill Barr to handle it,” adding that the attorney general “has done an unbelievable job.”

Need to 'step up'

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  • This guy xray iß the ULTIMATE SWAMP CREATURE! For God's sakè mr. President ģet rid of this sewer snake. He hasn't done  one thing for the United States FBI, you or us.

  • Fire His Ass And Put Flinn In Charge! 

    • Good idea!  

  • I don't trust this man at all!  Barr needs to get this situation cleaned up and get someone in there who would clean house of the top 10% of the FBI.  Most of the agents are decent and hardworking people, I still don't understand why they haven't rebelled against their superiors.

    • because of Obama's influence on the FBI for 8 years.

    • Yeah, and Pres. Trump failed to review the key officers in his administration ... especially those in the DOJ and FBI... firing those loyal to Obama and replacing them with those loyal to his Administration and the Constitution.  HE GETS A BIG FAT F FOR PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT AND LAW ENFORCEMENT...  I often wonder what he would have done to a contestant on his famous' Apprentice' show if they failed to screen their employees to eliminate obvious problems before they blew up in their faces?  Can anyone say... YOUR FIRED!

    • Whatever happened to "YOUR FIRED" that exactly what Donald Trump needs to do if he doesn't then he will have a big problem in the future.

    • The FBI is a very closed and tight organization... it strictly enforces the chain of command and looks very negatively on whistleblowers.  The culture in the FBI doesn't encourage self-policing... and it deals harshly with rogue agents that inform on fellow agents.

    • who was in charge of the FBI for 8 years it was Obama since Obama doesn't enforce the law what do we have here? we have to go back for 8 years this nation wasn't following the constitution and now we're in big trouble because nothing is happening I don't see the Obama administration in jail and the rest of his crew.

  • Fire Him And Flinn In His Place! 

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