Former President Donald Trump on Sunday ripped the Biden administration for turning the migrant crisis at the southern border into a full-fledged “national disaster.”

In the statement released Sunday evening, Trump also urged President Biden to complete construction of a border wall, and accused the administration of “causing death and human tragedy.”

“In the span of just [a] few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster,” Trump said in the statement.

“They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.”

Thousands of migrants have traveled to the US-Mexico border since Trump left office, forcing the Biden administration to begin housing unaccompanied children who have crossed into the US in migrant facilities.

Biden, who has faced criticism from Republicans for reversing a number of Trump’s border policies, said Sunday he plans to visit the southern border “at some point.”

Speaking with reporters after he returned to the White House from Camp David, Biden said his administration is working to ensure potential migrants seeking asylum in the US do so in their home countries.

Earlier Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the US would not turn back unaccompanied children.

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  • it's more than that it's outrageous to be quite honest.

  • They are doing what they intended to do all along.  We may see it as a crisis, but to them it is a means to an end.  Biden illegally stopped the border wall (the money had been allocated for it by Congress). Be very weary of what either BIden or Mayorkas says: they are not to be trusted!

    • Actually. It's really an attack from our all new Totalitarian Regime. I can hardly wait until they start rounding us up and killing us.

      And,YES,I think they really would/will. I know history.You can bet on it!

  • I'm Triggered, they look like our Granite Mountain Hot Shots killed in a wild land fire in Yarnell.

    The MSM is silent,  we can't be any longer. Call the WH & your Sens & Reps.

  • Americans are told not to gather together, wear TWO masks, don't sing, don't yell, etc., while illegals pour over the border with Covid and are then sent all over the U.S. without testing!!  Is this government for real?  I believe they're doing everything they can to take down America and then control us.

  • This is done by design. 

    • You know It's an attack on our country by the Democrats who just STOLE the election. THER IS NO DEBATING THE CONSTITUTION. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING JUDGE TO TELL US WHAT IT SAYS!!! THEY DON'T HAVE THE BALLS TO SAY THE TRUTH ABOUTB THE STEAL. WE'VE BEEN OVERTHROWN.  Now they're brain washing our kindergarteners! Are Amerticans so stupid as to not knpw the Democrats are stealing our country and freedom from us?!............Next to go...........PRIVATE PROPERTY AND THE MIDDLE CLASS!



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