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  • There are many things that we cannot know and will never know. It simply could be that the President of the United States AND Vice President have been exposed to COVID. Think about that. The scum press corp in the beginning never wore masks and many were from all over the world including CHINA! Let's be honest,the left wants the administration especially the President and Vice President to be removed one way or another.

    • Yes, The left has been trying to "Get Trump" via a coup since the 2016 election evening when T was declaired the winner.  "They never thought that she would lose".  They have done just about anything and everything.  I think they are running out of ammunition.  Suicide bomber's taking out a city block may be next.  They a disperate. One thing does help Q who I am following says POTUS is safe.

  • When T first started to talk about Hydroxychloroquine, I also heard from the Jewish (Hasidic) doctor, I live close to him in NY.  in a video on how he has been using HCQ


    I'll try to make this short;

    Many years ago, I was very sick.  I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed and could not breath.  I was hospitalized for 8 days, The doctors didn't know what to do or what was wrong with me. They eventually found I was overrun with Candida Yeast they gave me anti fungus pills for 5 days. With the first pill,  I could breath so after a few hours I could go home they sent 13 different worthless medications.

    Well, I'm completely recovered not from the doctores Rx which did nothing but from what I ate. Thank God the Internet was not being censored back in 2012 and I began to research out natural food.  Now back to HCQ.  I go well by what I ate, It took 6 months and I was able to return to work again.  I am an LPN Nurse.  I work in a Nursing Home.  So this virus was front and center.  I listen to this doctor closly and found he was using Zinc supplements also and in fact it was the Zinc that actually  did the healing.  I quickly found a list of foods that contain zinc one being pumpkin seeds and brougt them into work.  I wrote up my findings and distributed it at work.  Back when this was getting started NH didn't have enough PPE or any PPE we did have gloves but our supply of masks disappeared almost that first week.  Cromo was doing his I a super god thing and ordered the hospitals not only to not accept our residents if they had S&S of the virus plus we were to accpet the hospitals patients.  We worked together and somehow I think those pumpkin seeds help us only one nurse got the virus and she was the first to come in contact with a delivery man who had it.

    Thank God for Trump

    Trump had to start taking it because they were trying to make him and Pence (sp) sick to take them out to take over and put Pelocy in charge.  They had to protect them selfs.  Pence personal driver got the virus They tried to take Trump out

    Everything they have tried to take Trump out has failed

    Thank God for Trum God Bless Trump

    Thank God for HCQ but remember it is really the Zinc.  The hydroxychloroquine just open the cells resistance so the zinc can enter.  If you eat foods that contain natural zinc the cells do not have resistance Zinc isn't foreign to the cells in natural form.  It is foreign to the cells and they will not accept unatural supplements it has to be real food. This was one of the first things I learned that help turn my sickness around

    Hasidic doctor touting controversial drug has emails examined by Justice Dept. prosecutors
    The communications were shared after a right-wing commentator accidentally emailed a federal prosecutor instead of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.
  • I guess "My body and my choice" only applies to murdering a baby. I saw a little but of Cavuto and I thought he was going to have an anerysm. He once had a heart isue. How would he feel if people would jump on him about his personal health decisions? The whole HQC and Zinc issue is a big deal to the left because it seems to help in this crisis but the left doesn't want POTUS Trump to get any credit nor want this crisis to "flatten". The administration could come up with a vaccine tomarrow and the left would deny it.

    • Shane -- right you are, lad!

      Our President is not only unique in all of our history, he is a gale of fresh air blowing deep into foul putridity of the Swamp.


  • Great! Again, the Media is having a bad night and maybe many more...Trump Isn't Going To Die from the Wuhan and the the Dems lose again!!!!! 

    Hey Guys...Medical People take it to protect themselves.. it's smart!

  • Bet Bill Gates must be disappointed by this news.  This might put a damper on his future plans to vaccinate the world, not to mention the potential money lost.  For the life of me I cannot understand why he doesn't just retire and enjoy his billions.????

  • Good for him...give the LeftMedicoCabal the raspberries...

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