• this is good news

  • Just because he is not in the Whitehouse doesn't mean he didn't when the election. If he runs again it doesn't mean that we won't have Deja Vu all over again!

    courts are gone

    so justice is gone.

    • Barry, if no reform is possible, then grab that rifle by all means. Gloom and doom is pointless.

      The courts do not manifest Justice. They pursue just outcomes that conform to it.

      The beautiful ideals of Justice come from the Peoples consensual Will, and ultimately from God himself. IMHO

      I happen to think change will occur.


    • There was a time when your comments about the courts and justice would have been true.  No longer.  Federal judges now legislate from the bench.  

  • It's official, it's Mr Trump now and instead of executive orders he's got keyboard warriors now, what a (art of a) deal

    • The President, whether active or retired, has always enjoyed the option of being addressed as ""Mister", or "Mister President". or simply "President."It is as much up to the addresser as the addressee. The founders were anxious not to become entangled in a new aristocracy with titles.

      That sleeping dog needs to be left alone. IMHO

    • Wrong.  He will always be President Trump.


    • Correct! Note: For example,   George Bush continues to be called PRESIDENT BUSH‼️. 
      I will always call him President Trump 👏👍 ‼️

    • Sometimes one has to fight for what's theirs, especially when this important... Trump is a tongue fighter, now a (f)art of a deal

  • Great waiting for the next election but Republicans must rid themselves of the Rinos in the party.

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