• Well, Rocky... nothing is happening to the DACA kids or their Parents... As for filtering them... the immigration laws provide the proper venue for appealing deportation based on age and residence at the time of birth.... if they are under 18 and were born in the US... they get deported with their parents.  At 18 they can apply for US Citizenship based on their birthright as an adult they can choose... as minors they can't.  Those who were born outside the US and brought into this country illegally by parents... are to be deported... no appeal under the current law.  So, there is only one case where a DACA individual can remain in the US ... they must be born in the US and over 18 and choose to remain in the US renouncing any and all other national citizenship rights. 

      Trump is not enforcing the law... he in fact provided an extension to their remaining in the US... or have you conveniently   The Law states nothing about CONTRIBUTING to or not CONTRIBUTING to the US as a qualification to remain in the US.  DACA is not lawful, it is an unlawful Executive Order and should be totally scrapped by the President.

    • Colonel, my fellow American, I know everyone on this website would take a bullet for our great country. Most all are scared(covid) and frustrated (Blm) because we don't know what is coming or that we don't know what to do about it. DACA is the least of our worries. Our cities are blowing up,  there is covid, facemasks, no work, anarchists, democratic communists, no contact with relatives, no school, etc. We need to pull together and rally around President Trump. The future looks grim and exciting; all at the same time. Plan for the worst hope for the best. Martial Law may be the best answer. What do you think? Friends?

    • Rocky...

      The President is responsible to RALLY THE PEOPLE... not the other way around.  President's are to LEAD the nation not hold their finger up to see which way the wind/people are moving and then following them... I am disappointed in his lack of organizing a massive movement to end the insurrection.... we need commitees of saftey just like our forefathers once had... to coordinate and communicate our acts of resistance to the LEFTS revolution....

      "Committees of Safety existed prior to 1692 and were called by various names.  The Committee which was created, in that year, in New York is significant in that it was created by the militia.  The colonists were dissatisfied with the government of the Crown. headed by Governor Sir Edmund Andros. Recognizing that the military (militia) authority must always be subordinate to the civil authority, and having serious concern over the abusive authority imposed by Andros, the militia of New York created their own civil authority in the form of the Committee of Safety.

      Representation on the Committee was based upon two delegates being selected by the citizenry to represent each community.  The delegates gathered and exercised their authority by, eventually, imprisoning Governor Andros for a period of one year.

      On and off, many communities, colonies and provinces exercised their right of "self government" by establishing Committees as the need arose.  The practice became even more common after the French and Indian Wars of 1756-1758.  The Crown had imposed a number of new taxes on the colonies.  It was felt that since the French and Indian Wars were in defense of the colonies, the burden of the enormous expense should be borne by the colonists.  Of course, few colonists agreed."  For more see:

      We need the President to organize similar committees on a Naitonal Basis... he can do it privately using his and his wealthy friends resources... it would also good if he used local Sheriff's organizations .... sheiff's posses and auxillaries to give legal cover for such groups.

      A Brief History of Committees of Safety in America
  • I like Trump, I should I voted for him, but he does not know how the system works, i.e., the average murderer gets eight years hard time and in places like California with time off for good behavior? they are eligible for parole (and back out on the streets) in three years.  These people kill thousands of Americans every single day in the US, they might as well send over dozens of B-52s and kill that many many of us, it amounts to the same thing... War!  And we friggin arrest him?  This has to be a very sick joke...and probably is...on the US citizen.

    Funny, but the Russians have a new word for the US, i.e., Pindostan meaning stupid-country and call us Pindostanese. The US has become a very sick joke worldwide and that is not what we elected Trump for.

    • Exactly, Dr. Sanders... and a virtual wall or an uncompleted wall is easily negotiated by well organized and equipped Drug Cartels including MS-13... we need a real wall... a physical wall monitored by virtual devices if we are to have effective border controls... and the costs of the current wall is outrageous... more per mile than an INTERSTATE HIGHWAY built in an urban zone... more rip off ... I do believe Trump said he could build it in a hurry and for way less than the 25 Billion... in fact, 12 Billion is what it takes to build 2000 miles of Interstate highway with all that concrete, steel, overpasses, rest areas, and fencing. Something is rotten in Denmark and it isn't the Cheese.

      I don't know about you but I am tired of betrayal... completely feed up with politicians who constantly move the goalposts ... to justify their failures.

    • I think he is fully aware of how the system works. There is only so much he can do. There are still way too many liberal judges and cities and states run by Democrats that allow this to keep happening. 

    • Klaus, you are right. That's why Trump needs to take control of the judiciary. He has done a great job appointing more judges than any president as done in the history of the US. And you can trust that he appointed the most conservative judges available, who will follow the law and uphold the US Constitution. Once he controls the judiciary, things should be easier for him. Then he can make America really great again.

    • Wrong... Klaus... the SCOTUS just sided with Trump on deporting illegal aliens including DACA... recipients.  Where are the trainloads of illegals... headed south? Not happening, Why? Also, how did a real wall become a hybrid virtual wall, with more virtual than a real wall? Do you actually think the Drug Cartels will be slowed down by cameras, lights, and motion detectors? 

  • The Mark of the Beast... All Tattoos...!

  • My god, with all their tattoos they all look like Australian aboriginies. I would arrest them just for felony ugly.

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