• Nothing is the matter with me... what's the matter with you... What's wrong with holding our elected officials accountable for their promises...

      I have listed a number of shortcomings with Pres. Trump's administration and his delivery on campaign promises...  Shortfalls, that may cause swing voters to feel betrayed and to abandon him.  Instead, of generalizing your complaint on my positions, why not EXAMINE THEM and either inform us where I am wrong or work to get the President to do what he promised and to do what is best for America.

      America doesn't have time for more betrayal or disappointment... the People are at serious risk of losing their Constitutional Republic and their heritage.  Wake up... the President has not given us a foolproof path to nirvana nor do we have good government.  The President failed at one of his key duties... to enforce the law... He has allowed the swamp to DESTROY his first two years of accomplishments.. by subverting his legitimacy, faking a pandemic, and undermining the essence of his government.  Open insurrection is among us, enough is enough. It is past time for the PRESIDENT TO CLEAN OUT THE DOJ AND FBI... the judiciary needs to be put on notice, that they don't have the constitutional jurisdiction to legislate or modify the law... That is the duty of Congress and the President's duty under the Constitution.

      Push has come to shove... martial law may be required to remove the cancer in DC and the various political parties and state governments.  That is in fact the essence of the RULE OF LAW... corrupt government is not government by lawful consent of the people.  America needs a President willing to take that step... to return our government of the people, by the people ... too, the people.  We are at war for our very being as the Constitutional Republic our forefathers bequeathed to us...  What will we leave our grandkids?

    • I don't hate Trump... I just want him to enforce the law and drain the swamp... I would also like to see him balance the budget, build a real wall 2000 miles long, and deport the illegal aliens, including the DACA kids... but somehow he has forgotten his promise to do those things...

    • Excellent reply, excellent.

    • Ditto.


    • You guys are basically saying that Trump let you down and lied to you because he didn't do what he said he'd do, "enforce the law and drain the swamp...balance the budget, build a real wall 2000 miles long, and deport the illegal aliens, including the DACA kids". That's a tall accusation. But as I said before in other posts, if you support and vote for Trump no matter what, I am good with you guys thinking Trump lied to you. I still think the man is the most honest and straight talking politician in my life time, who fulfills every one of his promises in due time.

    • I don't hate the President, I like Pres. Trump... Please show me where I have done anything other than attempt to focus his attention on areas of real concern for our sovereignty and national security... I will be voting for him and have asked others to do so... however, that doesn't mean the President is without serious problems.. problems that may well affect the outcome of this election. 

      Your comments reminded me of the child's parable: 'The Emporer has no clothes'...This parable describes a situation in which the people are afraid to criticize someone with great power or popularity because they may be chastised for doing so.  It is meant to install a sense of duty to speak the truth, even at a risk of great personal harm for doing so.

    • I pray you are right, but after 50 years of arresting these types I know how the system works and arresting these people solves absolutely nothing--you do realize, I hope, that being "inside" they still run the cartels as though they were lounging in their front yard--arresting only works, when it does, on folks who want to be honest citizens, but NEVER on career criminals such as the guy we see here.


    • Exactly, we must secure... effectively seal the border and that takes a real wall, monitored by effective virtual surveillance and regular physical patrols... it takes commitment and a will to stop the invasion of the Cartels, their gang members and drugs.  It can be done but not with the crap they call a wall or virtual surveillance.  By the way... the spaces between the metal columns in the current wall are perfect for WEDGING WOODEN BLOCKS between, to make a ladder over the wall.. and wth a rope lowered on the other side to climb down and viola within minutes you have breached the current wall.  Who the H designed it?

    • I've got to agree with Herb Woodbury. You seem to be a detractor of the best President we've had since President Reagan. What is wrong with you? Why are you even on Tea Party website? Are you by chance a Romney supporter?

    • I am not a sycophant of anyone and there are serious issues that Pres. Trump is not addressing... if that is wrong it is not because the issues are not serious or at the root of many of our present problems.... riots and insurrection threatening the Republic. are being ignored or poorly handled by the Administration.  The President is in charge... not the AG or any of the various Secretaries... he must demand excellence in their operations if we are too beat the siege being levied on our Constitution.

      Perhaps you believe that the crap being fed us to resolve the Southern Border issues are working... or that a virtual wall is now part of a real wall... or that DACA waivers need to be extended ... instead of deporting the illegal aliens... maybe you think ZERO progress on draining the swamp over the last 31/2yrs is ok... with two of those years the Congress ... both houses and the Administration were totally under the control of the GOP?  

      Perhaps,  25 trillion in debt... 5 trillion more than when Trump took office ... is ok with you... it's not with me or my grandkids... Maybe you like ANTIFA burning down your local police stations or shopping centers I don't... the President has the power to quickly end it and to restore order... it's called martial law and it has been used by Presidents in the United States many times... so, it is not a radical means to restore law and order.

      Perhaps, the phony National Pandemic is being managed to your liking... the President, not the CDC is in charge or is supposed to be in charge of the GOVERNMENT POLICY to deal with the Pandemic... if he allows Dr. Fauci and others to push him around and the Nation with him whose fault is that Pelosi, the NYT?  Where does the buck stop and who is accountable for the current economic crisis? 

      Wake up, we either have a capable President or we don't... he is either able to lead or he isn't...   I will vote for him but it isn't because his policies are all ok or even marginally satisfactory... Under his Presidency some serious issues remain and he needs to address them with DECISIVE ACTIONS... like draining the swamp. before the swamp critters eat him and us alive.  This current election cycle is taking a bad turn. There are serious signs massive election and voter fraud will be at work... what will the President do is he looses to such fraud?  What is he doing to head it off?

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