• That was four years ago. Today people can see what an amazing president Trump has been and how great he has made America already,

    • The point is that there are several states where the margin of victory is very thin and with voter and election fraud... massive mail-in ballot campaigns the results can quickly change.

  • Since the MS 13 gang leader was arrested  for terrorism, next step would be to execute him!!

    • Nah... the judge will let him out in time to vote... after all every vote counts.. just some more times than others. Bill Clinton.

    • Hmmm.  He'd have to be tried in a jurisdiction that allows that... As I recall the Feds abolished that particular punishment years ago.  No, he'll get hard-time, for a few months (less if they allow him to skip out) or perhaps a few years, enough time for us to forget all about him.  Then go back to being a happy Billionaire somewhere else in a BETTER protected fortification somewhere south of the never fails.

      Lastly, it will be immeasurably harder to catch him the next time...


    • Yeah... he will probably have all visible tattoos removed or wear long sleeve shirts and pants with suspenders... oh, he'll forgo the public chewing of coco leaves and speaking in Spanish... he'll learn a few words in Ebonic's to confuse the FBI and DEA Agents... like BRO and Da  

    • Can I watch?

    • Why not watch...

      We've all had a front seat to watch the destruction of our culture and the ever-encroaching drug war consume our inner cities... now the violence is showing up in our better neighborhoods... So, sit on your porch and watch the city burn down all around you... instead of asking the President what he is doing... He's building a virtual wall  (cameras, movement sensors, and other electronics, coupled with several hundred miles of an actual wall... that way, the government can channel the drug lords trafficking into areas where they are more easily monitored by electronic surveillance and counted, so they can be added to the population totals on the next census.

      Do you really think a virtual wall will stop the Drug Cartels... with billions in revenue, they can purchase countermeasures to evade a virtual wall...  We need an effective physical wall with a backup virtual wall... this along with physical patrols and manned posts/stations in high traffic areas.  We don't need more of the same, as the same isn't working... just in case you haven't noticed.

      Maybe someone can tell me how hard is it to locate a walking tattoo, chewing coco leaves, speaking only Spanish and with their pants hanging around their knees... yet, the FBI and DEA seem unable to round up these gross miscarriages of the human species ... Are they blind?  I thought they had to pass an eye exam to qualify as an agent of the FBI or federal law enforcement.

  • And the demoncrats want that because they are traitors. The others are almost understandable because we know offhand that they are anti-American and evil, but the demoncrats want us to think they love and care for our country, but most of us see right through their lies. They're not true democrats and they should be in prison.

  • The demorats coddle the terrorist.

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