• To hear Barr and Trump explain it ... one would think finding these criminals is a masterstroke.. .just how difficult is it to find a walking tattoo that speaks only Spanish and wears his pants around his knees?   We need to stop these criminals before they enter the border... they certainly aren't coming in thru our airports or seaports ... looking as they do.  No, they are breaching our Southern Border with impunity... and if you think a Virtual wall will slow them down think again... they have the money and technology to disable any virtual system... and then cross with impunity.  We need a REAL WALL with a virtual back up.

      Tump promised a real wall, not a virtual wall... he has the funds even without Congress... this wall should not cost more than what it takes to build interstate highways... all 2000 miles should not take more than 12 Billion... not the 25 Billion Congress claimed... any land purchased should be at the going rate for uninhabitable desert for most of the border... much of it is already federal property.  More betrayal... 

    • HEY!  Don't compare the decent Aboriginies to these filthy slime.  These animals are just about as low as antifa and blm.


    • LOL!!

  • All the dem's want to do is destroy America, so Trump looks bad! End of story!


    • Please... It was NOT the Dems that arrested whatever his name is.  That was, likely, up to Trump or one of his advisors... In not understanding how the bad guys work, Dem's and drug cartels alike, he is providing them every possible chance to make himself look bad--and the fact that he kept lots of Barry Soetoro's people (so he is constantly getting bad advice) and the fact that he failed miserably to do what he was elected for--he should have arrested Barry and his wife and half, at least of their Thugocracy on day one, but in not doing se he showed himself, and American, to be weak and spinless.  Not good.


    • You a biden voter Dr.?

  • Execution

  • This is how amazing Trump is. He built 100s of miles of the wall no matter how much the demonrats opposed him. He still prevailed. Trump delivers on all his promises, eventually. What a great man he is!!!

    • As Rush says: "Right on. Right on"!

    • What?  Trump reported several different numbers for the miles of complete wall.. from 200 - 600 miles, that includes virtual wall... cameras, motion detectors, lights and other systems like personnel radar... all of which is easily bi-passed by those with the technology and funds to do so... groups like MS-13 are laughing at a virtual wall.. .it will be virtually useless.

      And just how hard is it to locate and round up walking tattoos, chewing coco leaves, speaking only Spanish and wearing the pants around their knees... it's really hard to spot these dudes.. RIGHT?  fire the FBI they have to be incompetent if they can't locate and deport 99% of them in less than 2 months ... with any real effort.

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