Donald Trump heads to Hershey for rally - The Morning Call

Trump is careful to pick his battles. Sticking to the June 19th date for his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was an unnecessary battle, so the rally is currently set for June 20, a date that even leftists can’t challenge. Despite the date switch, it looks as if over 800,000 people have signed up to attend. Faced with that data, the media has stepped up its efforts to try to reinstate Wuhan Virus fear.

When the Trump Campaign announced that Trump’s first post-lockdown rally would be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 19th, leftists, both within and outside of the media, tried to shut down the rally by contending that the date chosen was racist because it coincided with “Juneteenth,” a remembrance of the emancipation announcement in Texas in 1865. As a backup, they argued that the location was racist because, in 1921, local Democrats engaged in a horrific racist attack against Tulsa’s black community.

Trump, who knows when to fight and when to walk away, didn’t take the bait on this one. Instead, he simply announced that “out of respect” for Juneteenth, he was rescheduling the rally for June 20, an unexceptional date.

The media instantly switched over to complaining that the rally is going to create a new Wuhan Virus outbreak. The tone of coverage, complete with “experts,” is “we’re all gonna die!”

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  • Trump needs to vet all the security, especially here in Arizona. There is this muscle bound, tatooed redhaired freak, about 5" 7" that tries to pick arguements with anyone wearing any " Q " garments. He will tell you that it is not that type of rally. Beware, he wants to be able to make a scene, so he can throw you out. Be some kind of azzclown hero.

    You will find that, life gets so much better when you tune out the insane, depraved, leftist marxist America haters.

    Trump 2Q2Q, Making America Americans' Again!

  • He has my state so he will not be here.,

  • This goes to show that we don't have to worry about the election or fake polls. Can Biden get this much enthusiasm? Noooooo. So, Trump will win again.

  • The question is rhetorical... we all know why the Media is screaming foul over this rally.  The MSM is an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party... they are the Provda and Izvestia of the Democrat propaganda machine.  As such, anything Pres. Trump does shall be portrayed in a negative light by the MSM. 

    The 800K at Pres. Trump's Tulsa rally should show up with tens of thousands of posters declaring the Media ... FAKE NEWS, labeling them the propaganda operatives of the Democrat Party and the enemies of the people.  It would also be a good idea to submit a petition to the President, signed by everyone there, demanding a criminal investigation of the MSM for violations of the espionage act and sedition laws.

  • I love Trump and I wish I could be there to cheer him on!

    • Me too‼️. 
      But I cheer him on 365 days a year from home!

      I thank God every day for him!

  • WHAT PISSES me off is, not what the left says, IT IS THAT AMERICANS BELIEVE IT!

    • Losers will vote for obiden for a single cigarette, a bottle of T-Bird wine. Obiden will forfeit his presidency to either clinton or big mike obama. You can bet that obiden will not be in the Oval Office for more than a month or 2. He will have to put all of clinton's or obama's administration in before he hands over his office, but each one of them are already putting together a list of who will be in their cabinet. 

      Just vote, even if you have to vote for a rino when the time comes. Just hold your nose. A vote for a leftist is a vote for your own destruction. Once they are elected they will tow the deep state, central bank, leftist agenda.Be prepared!

    • Most American's, even on the Left, know that the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.... the bias is so blatant it cannot be denied.

    • Agreed!  I have never seen so many stupid people in my life.  No way can they think for themselves, just keep drinking the kool-aid.

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