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CrowdStrike – the forensic investigation firm hired by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to inspect its computer servers in 2016 – admitted to Congressional investigators as early as 2017 that it had no direct evidence of Russian hacking, recently declassified documents show.

CrowdStrike’s president Shawn Henry testified, “There’s not evidence that [documents and emails] were actually exfiltrated [from the DNC servers]. There’s circumstantial evidence but no evidence that they were actually exfiltrated.”

This was a crucial revelation because the thousand ships of Russiagate launched upon the positive assertion that CrowdStrike had definitely proven a Russian hack.

This sworn admission has been hidden from the public for over two years, and subsequent commentary has focused on that singular outrage.

The next deductive step, though, leads to an equally crucial point: Circumstantial evidence of Russian hacking is itself flimsy and collapses when not propped up by a claim of conclusive forensic testing.


On March 19, 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, surrendered his emails to an unknown entity in a “spear phishing” scam. This has been called a “hack,” but it was not. Instead, it is was the sort of flim-flam hustle that happens to gullible dupes on the internet.

The content of the emails was beyond embarrassing. They showed election fraud and coordination with the media against the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. The DNC and the Clinton campaign needed a cover story.

There already existed in Washington brooding suspicion that Vladimir Putin was working to influence elections in the West. The DNC and the Clinton campaign set out to retrofit that supposition to explain the emails.

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  • Look for the MSM to deny Crowd Strike's involvement as they continue their cover-up for the Democrat National Committee and Party... The evidence linking the DNC to rigging their own election is indicative of their corruption.  The continued FAILURE of the DOJ to bring this criminal enterprise  and its agents to justice makes a mockery out of the law and has lead to OPEN, in your face criminal conduct with IMPUNITY ... a total breakdown of the Justice System.  Our Nation is no longer a Nation of Laws... it is a Nation of arbitrary justice administered by corrupt agents of Justice... the DOJ, FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies are all corrupt and untrustworthy when it comes to enforcing the laws of the United States when the crimes involve the well connected, political and wealthy... their persons and enterprises operate outside the law with apparent impunity.

  • Smash the LameStream Media into a gazillion bits and launch it toward the Sun.

  • it's all about cover up.

  • Love Epoch Times and OAN.  The so-called mainstream media reminds me of the old PRAVDA, nothing but lies, innuendos, and fake stories.  How are they staying in business is beyond me.

  • OAN (One America News) tv

    The Epoch Times (weekly print, staunchly anti-communist, pro-truth, pro-individual, pro-tradition)

    Fox News is done. 

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