• Trump represents the "Land of Milk and Honey." Biden represents "Toe Jam."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • God bless President Trump.   God bless the families and loved ones.  Holy God the Father,  God the Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit bring tthose responsible to your justice on this earth and in eternity. 

  • Trump speaks from the heart without a teleprompter.  The bumbling idiot now occupying the White House speaks whatever his Marxist string pullers write for him.  What a sad difference!!!

    • Agree completely!!  Biden is nowhere near the man or the president Trump was.  He never will be.  Biden has brought nothing but disaster to this country.

  • True patriot Trump is!

  • Such a beautiful & heartfelt tribute to those we lost and those who helped rescue the wounded!!  I was in tears by the end of his speech!  OMG, how we need such a leader again in Washington!!  The travesty of the current administration is a slap in the face to ALL Americans; and as the complete horror of the past two weeks unfolds and we learn - if we ever do - just how many Americans and friendly Afghans were lost because of the bumbling traitor who caused all of this horror and angst, our sorrow will take a VERY long time to be assauged!  May God keep and protect the USA - and may all vestiges of Joementia and his treasonous administration be erased and assigned to the dung heap of history!!

    • Agree totally.

      But did you read some of the statements made in response from this lovely tribute.  I'm glad I am not on twitter because it seems many of the people who use it are idiots.  


    • I've found that out.  There are a lot of liberal troll haters on twitter.  They have no respect for anyone's opinion that isn't the same as theirs.

  • I look forward to President Trump's Triumphant Return! He is a "Man of Honor." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Amen!


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