• I won't include all democats, but drop a few of these obsessed usurpers and the rest will start a deep dive into their cesspool.  Then start issuing warramts and drag them to the surface to face their crimes.

    • Ain't gona happen. The whole of a stinking cesspool turned tyrannical.  We HAVE NO MORE CONSTITUTION UNLESS WE RECLAIM IT. Trump made them expose themselves for what they are.

      The fraud should have been recognized  per Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution. So,,,we no longrer have a Constituion. Notice it yet?,,,,I DO!!!

      And waiting for next election?................You're kidding.

      There won't be a real one. I can tell by their conduct. Guess who the terrorists are under THEIR Constituion?............The enemy within makes NO SECRET OF IT!!!! It's US!!!

      This is a communist revolution from within and the people better wake up before the installation is complete or we're DOOMED!  Facebook and Twitter are traitors and should be tried and SHOT if we manage to reclaim our country! And NOT by the establishment cabal of Kleptocrats but bu WE THE PEOPLE..............and they ain't the only ones either!!! It's Government that needs to be cleansed,NOT US!!!.... BIDEN IS A FRAUD!!!

    • It's true that the government needs to be cleanesed and if that needs to be done by a 2nd Revolution, then so be it.  But before we can cleanse the government, we need to cleanse the fake news progoganda media.  Without them the communists who have taken over the government will have a harder time getting their toxic message across.  

  • We all know that the tax code is so convoluted and rife with incongruities that the IRS could find issues with just about any person's taxes. The deep state couldn't oust President Trump from his office and are fearful that he may run again so they are intent on trying to do anything they can to make him a criminal. These are petty, vengeful little trolls who have absolutely no ethics or morals and will have no problem manufacturing crap if they can't find something to pin on him. These are demented sickos. They need to be removed from there positions of power in any way possible.

  • Someone just needs to start killing democrats. Tired of the BS. They only want what they want and the hell with everyone else. This has got to stop. And to find out that they are trying to weed out anyone that is conservative out of the military means they are intentionally weakening our defense of this great country.

    • I share your disgust with the current President, BUT no violent take down!!

    • Aw come on. At least force Nancy and Joe to wear the same DEPENDS for three days!


    • New Rep., I agree with you!!  All communist democrats must be slain to save America!!

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