• President Trump ... I and we have your back.

    I was born in NYC and lived have of my life there.

    Mayor Rudy cleaned up NYC (the hellish 42nd Street/Times Square) ... now NYC is back to being a hellhole. And Donald fixed the US of A after the Obama disaster.

    • I am with you, my friend.

  • We the people are fed up with this corruption on every corner of our Government. When will Donald Trump be reinstated as our true President? What is it going to take to get our Country back???

    It's a sad day when China has more power here than Americans!!!

    It feels like the Communists have taken over by force. Is that what the Freedom loving people need to do to get it back?


    Fed up American

    • Yup. We're being overthrown for sure. They'll set us off LIKE THEY'RE TRYING to so they can crush us. It's too bad for our INSURGENT WHITE HOUSE that the Devil fools with the best made plans!  Remeber when the COMMUNISTS that are overthrowing us (trying to) said dissent was the highest form of patriotism. WHAT HAPPENNED!!!!...............The left is the enemy within,deeply entrenched and coming at us from ALL angles. TO HELL WITH THEM AND THEIR COMMUNIST REVOLUTION!!!!....................It needs a to come to a  Machiavellian end,FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL THIS TIME.                 So does the global international criminal organization of despotic ORWELLIAN FREAKS...............THE U.N.!!! They are DROOLING over our demise!!!!

    • keep on saying it, my friend.

  • I wonder how much more Trumps first term would have yielded,

    without the Deep State Dipsticks constantly hampering his efforts?

    We must get to a Federal status quo where we will find out.

  • Mr. President !!!

  • nothing to say here.

    • nothing to reply to. (giggle)

      You do know I enjoy you, right?

  • More proof that we're being ovetrthrown by Communists. louis lehner...............Remember THAT enemy within and what she did to us?..............NO JUSTICE. DAMN THESAE COMMUNISTS TO HELL!!!


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