• Again Trump was correct as he has been on many many other issues. Hillary Clinton must go to prison otherwise there is no justice in the country. 

  • hmmm.....and the blm rioters yell....."no justice no peace".

  • LOCK HER UP!!!


  • America now Realizes that everything Trump has said or complained about has come true. Conspirators now must go to trial and be found guilty, then prison for sure. This is a long time in the making. Justice must be restored in this country starting with bringing to trial all the FBI conspirators by completely sanitizing the Washington office, is goes for CIA conspirators also, and all political in and out of office conspirators including Obama, Clinton, Shift, and Biden to start with. Yes, all the News Stations along with their reporters who were preaching the false charges. 

    I believe that Heaven has sent Donald J. Trump to save America, so let's bring him back and Make America Great Again (MAGA). Proud to say that I am one of them.


    • Al, about 95% of the gop needs to be added to that list!!!!!!!!!!


  • They need to be held accountable it would wonders for Americans.

  • I know Hillary and Co were a fraud all along. What eats me up is that they'll skate!

  • Lock her up along with Bill, Chelsea, Obama, Mueller, Schiff, Pelosi, Shumer etc.  Everyone involved with this disgusting Russia hoax should be tried for treason and put in federal prison.

    • Mary, not a cell, a rope and a quick drop!!!!!  TREASON is a hanging offense but it is treated as something to be rewarded by TRAITORS in both political parties!!!!!!!!!!


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