• You, Stan, (and all Individuals) are in charge of your Individual lbehavior. Donald Trump didn't mandate taking the so-called vaccines. Biden tried to coerce their application (no "vaccine", no job). That's illegal. Biden sought that by misusing OSHA. Biden didn't even have the balls to push it himself.

      P.S. I and my wife chose to not take the so-called vaccine (actually mRNA gene therapy).

    • And good on you for not buying into the scam, CM.  Keep doing your homework in the alt media, to find out more about these terribly dngerous injections, so tha ou can alert others, with facts.

      P.S. I was, and am, not for either HRC or Resident Biden.  Check out my resposne in this thread to DLR for my take on the matter, of leading this country, from here on in, into its totally New Order of Things - and not the one that the NWO crowd have planned for it.

    • Trump NEVER advocated the mandates for the vaccine, while he promoted the vaccine he was also working with and taking advice from people that were supposed to be trusted, expert advisors.  Advisors that that were actually working against him and the citizens of the USA.

      Fauci and the CDC have been lying to Trump and the people of the USA since the beginning of the mess.  Trump isn't the only one that was taken in by a lying communist that was, and is, doing everything he can to undermine this country.

      The number of people that STILL believe the weasel is flat-out amazing even after all of the lies he has told.

      The first press conference that he and Trump were in the weasel spoke first and when Trump went to the microphone to talk the weasel stood back and smirked like he knew that what was going on was a setup against Trump.

      Every problem Trump has had can be traced back to the lying people that he thought were working with him.  They start with pence and go down the list from there.

    • You and I are on the same page Herbert.

    • Sorry for the typos.  I need to slow down a little more, than just responding in the heat of the moment  (Especially in Comments threads that don't allow for editing.)  

    • Well Stan,

      I agree that there are excellent treatments and prohylactic medication such as HCQ, IVM, Budesomide, and Regeneron that could be prescribed for the citizenry. However, you overlook or lack the knowledge that providers like myself are barred from prescribing those treatments. When I prescribed IVM and HCQ to my patients, I was presented a letter that stated I was in violation of the CDC, FDA, and HHS directives that states HCQ and IVM are not approved for covid-19 and if I prescribe these medications again I will have my prescribing previledges revoked by the state board of pharmacy. This was around the same time Donald Trump was ill with covid-19. It's a shame you spew this crap and not research why these treatments are not available to the citizenry. This was done during President Trumps time in office in May 2020. That would be at the hieght of the pandemic, if you needed to be reminded. Since that time our hands have been tied and no provider has been able to prescribe these very effective treatments. Most of these edicts were done at the state level which the federal government would have to sue the states but first have the FDA, which is controlled by big pharma (thanks to Obama), make a ruling that HCQ and IVM were effective treatments, which the FDA already said it would not do. So, please, get your facts straight about what treatments can be provided to the citizenry which would make the EUA void. Currently there are no treatments that can be prescribed to the citizenry other than what makes big pharma rich and kills everyone else. On a side note, I do not recommend anyone getting the jab. I have admitted more teens and young adults with myocarditis and masses in their lungs, brains, liver, kidneys, pancrease and many other organs. The jab was touted by the last administration and the current administration on what big pharma, FDA, CDC, and HHS presented to the President Trump at that time.The FDA, HHS, and the CDC are now refusing to release the study data for the vaccines. Omicron is just the flu and has caused zero deaths worldwide at this time. The PANDEMIC is OVER.

    • Perfect New Repub. I'm a long time engineer (65 years). More to your points ... there is evidence that the mRNA "treatments" will wind up affecting the DNA! Dr. Joe Mercola properly advocates nebulizing H2O2 ... a substance actually produced in our immune system (I've not yet identified which organ therein).

      Kaiser won't administer Ivermectin to me ... they are going to lose this 65 year client!!

      I know how/where to get Ivermectin.

      Central authorities think I serve them ... nay, they've got it backwards.

    • First of all, kudos to you for attempting to prescribe such treatments.  But they ARE being used, and in this country - although the ability to do so by the prescribing doctor has had to go to court.  The bottom ine: These are experimental injections.  They run against the Nuremberg Code, do not allow for informed consent.  Enough doctors need to go to court to get their rights allowed, to 'break the back' - the stranglehold - of Big Pharma in this matter.  Just as in another country a citizen sued the hospital for his relatived to be able to be administered a high dose of vitamin C  intravenously - and the hospital finally conceded.  (And the patient recovered.)  It just takes some guts, some research, and some banding together against the Bolsheviks running things right now.  Right now.  With al that to change, once enough of the citizenry says Enough!            

    • ... such treatments. Which treatments ... specific?

    • New Republican mentioned IVM and HCQ specifically  In addition, there are the likes of the Budesonide nebulizer; the Regeneron monoclonal antbdy treatment that worked so well for Pres. Trump; Benadryl with a mik protein; the list goes on.  Plus immune-system boosters like vitamins C & D3, zinc, magnesium, quercetin; that list goes on as well.

      NR took me to task for not knowing that doctors like him have been threatened to lose their licenses if they use 'unapproved' treatmens like the IVM and HCQ cocktails (i.e., w/zinc & an antibiotic for possible secondary infection).  But there ARE doctors using these modalities in this country - like Dr. Zelenko in NY State - so how am I as a layman supposed to know the extent of the fraud going on in this country, that TPTB are threatening doctors w/losing their licenses if they keep trying to do the right thing for their patients??  Maybe the answer is that doctors need to stop having their patients go to these killer hospitals, and just treat them effectively at home in a preventive way.  (The hospitals have a Treatment Protocol that is downright criminal; but they lose money if they don't abide by it.  Such is the role of Greed in all this terrible busiiness.  And business it is.  Big Business.  Which needs to go bust, in a big way.  And just asap.  

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