• joe dementia is merely a bobblehead puppet of the deep state!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know who is actually pulling the strings but satan is the top dog giving the orders to his minions in both political parties!!!!!!!!!!

  • I've known of him for a long time. I've never seen him as anything else but a greedy, crooked failure yet Delaware kept electing him......go figure.

  • Biden and deMoncrats are totally clueless and evil

  • Yes, well, what about your own Crisis, Don?  With these kill shots - these experimental genetic modifiers (not vaccines per se) which, because they were released under Experimental Use Authorization (EUA), were released illegally.- under your watch.  As EUA products, they are only supposed to be on the market when there is 'no other effective course of treatment' for a condition.  There are a NUMBER of (excellent) treatments and prophylactics (preventives) for this covid-19 'thing' (read: bioweapon): the HCQ & IVM cocktails; the Budesonide nebulizer; the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment that you yourself took to such efficacy; the list goes on, and including a number of nutrients to boost one's immune system (which hospitals and government authorities criminally failed to alert the citizenry to, although other nations did that for their citizenry).  It has been argued on your behalf (and you have alluded to it as well) that 'thousands and even millions of people would have died if there had been no vaccines for this covid kiler'.  Nonsense.  All it would have taken - and even in the face of the bullhorn of the MSM attempting to keep this fake pandemic going (another story) - would have been strong leadership on the part of the nation's civilian leader and Commander in Chief.  Pres. Trump failed in his duty in that position.  To berate Resident Biden (and that is not a misspelling) for his lack of leadership is almost - almost - ike the pot calling the kettle black.  A pox on both their houses.  We need true leadership against the forces, foreign and domestic, which are attempting to take this nation down, and merge it into being merely a part of a region of their totalitarian New World Order, via their Great Reset.  There needs to be a Great Reset, alright.  But not this demonic one that these, our Wannabe Masters, lust to fasten on the world.  It's time for a change - a real Change.  THE real Change.  For Truth to prevail on Earth.  As it does in Heaven.                   

    • Lots of generalities Stan. Tell us who was/is your choice for President. Hillary? Yep, the one with the fake Russian collusion nonsense ... that one. Maybe you're a Fauchi fan ... the one doing gain of function "research" with the CCP. 

      You and we got cheated in the election. How? Donald Trump is a successful Capitalist. Fake President Joe Biden never ran a business. Fake Joe Biden is the Manchurian Candidate ... he and his son are in bed with the Communist Chinese for $$$ USA be damned.

      I agree that the so-called vaccines are gene therapy ... mRNA. And lookie see, your hero Biden is doubling down ... "everyone ... take the vaccine NOW".

      Pray tell ... who was your choice for President?

      Spare us the phoney outrage Stan. Trump and Reagan cut from the same stone ... both USA heroes.

    • When he went into the office he was not only fighting the Demonrats, he was also fighting the whole political cabal who didn't like an outsider in, for one, and STILL accomplished a helluva lot for the country so spare us the whine. The whole government except for a few were siding with him in that fight which not only was political but criminal with crap like their fake impeachments. I want to see what he can accomplish with an adult congress that follows the WHOLE constitution and laws of the land with the other dirty departments, DOJ especially, as well as SCOTUS crooks hung out to dry.

    • Hung out to dry ... no ... firing squad for TREASON!

    • The whine?  The whine??  Over something as crucial as deadly EXPERIMENTAL injections, which should never have been allowed on the market under the terms of EUA, because there are a number of (excellent) treatments for this covid-19 'thing' (read: bioweapon), and as well which violated the Nuremberg Code??  And now thousands upon thousands of people - in the millions, actually, and beyod all those who have already died from the killer shots -- have had their systems irrevocaby damaged by these genetic modifying monster injections, which cause their bodies to produce pathogenic spike proteins in response to them, which is about as satanic an operation as could ever have been dreamt up by these, our Wannabe Masters.  No, Trump did not ever advocate the shots be mandatory - but he endorsed them enthusiastically, when he should have listened out of his other ear to those who were warning , and in an alarmingly way, about these weapons of war against The People of the world.  If DJT had done a REAL job of leadership, he coud have saved the world, let alone the country, a major catastrophe.  He was a good man for his time.  And we need better leadership in the world which we are about to inherit.  For, this is clearly now a final battle between the forces of Darkness and the forces of Light.  And the forces of Light need to shine, clearly and brightly, with the pure Light of Truth.  Not be dimmed by the energy of what is expedient to the moment.           

    • From what I heard President Trump had a lot of people working against him on all sides including his own party. Between the impeachment scandel , and the daily attacks against his character just because the demorats were pissed off because he beat hilderbeast fair and square, they tried everything they could to get him out of office.  The last thing was the cheating that the communist biteme did to get in office.And you know what that consisted of too.  This covid was nothing more than a biological attack against our country just to divert us from a ligitimate election. And look what we have now since they took over office( NOTHING WORTH WHILE) . Trump wasn't perfect but at least he wasn't a communist like these democrats, and liberals are!! And the communcrats are at it again with their lies.

    • It's fair enough to give Pres. Trump credit for what he did while in the office, where credit is due.  And I still hold out hope that it is true that (at least a sizeable portion of) the U.S. military have been backing him, incuding by collecting evidence of the steal of the Nov. 2020 eections, and will come to the rescue of the Republic when they deem that the time is right.  But his support of these damnable experimental genetic modifiers, in total vioation of the Nuremberg Code (We do NOT have to stand still for experimental injections; that issue has been DECIDED, historicaly), felt and feels to me like a gross dereliction of his duty, as the president of the American Republic and Commander in Chief of its military forces.  Unforgivable leadersip, as I see it.  And, I am open to hearing what the justification for that gross dereliction of duty might have been.  But as things stand now, I don't support himin taking back the reins of power in and for this country.  That has to come from a higher power, than that of expediency.               

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