• the reason why is because the Democratic party is for communist and socialist parties.

  • I have never seen such biased evil so called journalist in my lifetime. And they wonder why we neither trust nor believe what they say. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Anu sane person would never vote Democratic. I never watch 60 minutes anymore because of the hate they spout against our President.

    • This same phenomenon occurred in Communist Russia... the News literally became a joke as Pravada (The truth) and Izvestia (The messenger)  were used as toilet paper... considered to be absolute trash by the people of the Soviet Union.  Our MSM is now the butt of jokes that are more real than 'parody'.  Most informed American's don't believe a thing they read, see or hear published by the agents of the MSM... the public understand journalism is dead... and Newspeak has become the new language of the so called journalist of today. 

      Newspeak the not so fictional language of the totalitarian superstate in the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell. Newspeak has become the language of the American Democrat Party and the MSM. It is the ideological language of the Socialist International.  The language of 'Political Correctness' is comprised of a restricted vocabulary designed to limit the individual's ability to think and articulate the concepts of personal identity, self-expression, and free will. Such concepts and speech are criminalized in Orwell's utopia, labeled as thought and hate crimes, for standing in direct opposition to the prevailing politically correct orthodoxy.

    • I agree with you and Velma. The msm has become a total joke with their never ending lies and their anti-American stance. We the people demand that they be shut down and that the Trump administration makes sure the new media does not spew lies anymore. That is one of the many things that need to be done to preserve our way of life, our freedom and liberties. Otherwise commies and the deep state will win and destroy our beloved Republic.

  • Can You imagine if the Press worked with this President? What he could do? They are so rude to him and it is deplorable, unacceptable behavior

    from the Press!   Kristen Welker, wont even let him finish...RUDE.

    • that show you how the Democrats are and the Obama administration has the American people in the palm of his hand.

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