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    • Interesting take... very introspective...  It is so true in a fascist state one must be fearful about what they report or say... it could be deadly.

    • you are correct it has to do with communism and socialism bottom line. 

  • Who was being interviewed? For awhile it sounded like Leslie was answering the questions when she wasn't interrupting the president. I could not get over her blatant display of anger and aggression while being blind to all of her faults in journalism and anything that would go in Trump's favor. An absolute disgraceful show. Not worth the 60 Minutes it takes up each week. 

  • I will vote for Donald Trump.

  • For the life of me I cannot comprehend why Trump walks into these lion dens as he should say "no thank you....have a good day"!

  • Is the Prez obligated to do these interviews? Why even bother. If I were him I wouldn't even do them. 

  • More People need to comment here on the outright bias of OUR news media!!!


  • Can You imagine if the Press worked with this President? What he could do? They are so rude to him and it is deplorable, unacceptable behavior

    from the Press!   Kristen Welker, wont even let him finish...RUDE.

  • Hillsdale College discusses just how the Deep the Swamp has become... just how insidious and seditious it has become... the true scope and size of the Federal Government. and its influence on our Universities and other cultural institutions.

    Listen to it here:

  • The fake news isn't interested in the Biden corruption or in Trump's many achievements. The fake news needs to be shut down, now! We need the Trump administration to be in charge of the news dissemination since Trump is the only honest man out there. He guarantees that the truth will reach all Americans while the fake news does the exact opposite. We the people are sick of the msm's lies! The left news cannot accept that Trump has made America great again, that he as built the best economy in the history of the US, that his response to the China virus is the envy of the world, that he is fisaclly responsible and applies his business success to running the country better than anyone else has done in the history of the United States of America. The fake news doesn't report on any of that but that is exactly what all Americans need to hear 24/7.

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