• Have the perps either fix the damage or pay for the repair.  The perps should then be deported to the central Pacific Ocean and be told, if you make home, you can stay.

  • they are non-violent wonderful welfare recipiants just peacefully protesting something (anything) .

    Do the police still exist there ?

    The National Guard can arrest, injure, kill all of them in 1 storming. That would be the end of rioting everywhere. Why aren't the jails there overflowing with these arrested scum now ?

    Is there a mayor or govenor that could end this rioting in that state ?

    • Parents need to teach their Children moral attributes if not things like protest is still going to be on the rise

  • These morons need a history lesson. They are soulless zombies that only listen to violence. We need the national guard to come in and bang some heads

  • it's time for Donald Trump to put the Obama administration in jail 

  • They at least ought to make them pay for the damage before they are put in front of the firing squad...

    • Agreed Rocky.

  • Lock 'em up!


  • Imbecils

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