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    • Great idea, Paul, but I think it' already happening. Twitter users have been flocking to Parler. Also, the Fox Walkaway movement so far hasn't lost any momentum, putting CEO L. Murdoch behind the 8-ball for promising stockholders that we'd all return to the fold by late November. As I stated above (11/27, 1:39 PM), Congress has strong authority under federal commerce laws to stop the censorship. But Congress, particularly in the lower House, is awash in a subculture of squishy RINOs and foolish Democrats suffering from a naive rationale of immunity; they see censorship as a burden born only by those refusing to march in lockstep. Anyone who knows the history of pre-WW-ll Eastern Europe would know better. 

    • They will keep it up and pay the fines.

    • Excellent idea!  

  • Twitter and Facebook are totally communist platforms!! Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Zukerberg of Facebook must be arrested, thrown into prison for at least 20 years, and fined $100 billion and those companies dismantled for their treason against the United States!! 

  • I left twitter. Just have not figured out how to delete my profile. Will figure it out .

    • I deleted my account just now. 3 small horizontal bars in the top left corner, click it. Next page scroll down to Settings & Privacy and click it. Then next page click account. Next page at the bottom it says Deactivate your Account, click that. Next page scroll to the bottom to click Deactivate.

  • Pethaps it's time for the US to censor Twitter and ban it's existence inside of our sovereign borders.  They are the enemy of freedom.

  • As MY President has said " Truth is a force of nature "

  • The thuth will be told. They can hide it all they want. When it is revealed. There will be hell to pay.

  • YES   


    Just when we were cleaning out the trash.   A TOTAL FRAUD 'ELECTION'

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