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  • Twitter ... Jack Dorsey should lose ANY special privileges ... ex 230 immediately! And IF Biden accedes to the Presidency, he shoud not be able to reverse removal of Twitter's privileges!!

  • The lies of the media are one of the biggest problems for Trump, He should have shut down the MSM and install a federal government oversight body that ensures we the people get the truth. Rogue media is not needed, we the people only want the truth from our president and no twisted fake news. Trump missed his chance to establish such an oversight body but he sure should do it in his second term. We can no longer tolerate fake news. Truth and honesty only!

  • Yes, Twitter slapped a full court press shadow ban on my account last December. My tweets are still visible, but only to a miniscule few, most of whom have less than 100 followers.  Last year, my tweets averaged 100 or more impressions (views) per week, with hot button issues attracting as many as 1000. MY weekly headcount today: 3 to 10.

    Twitter enjoys an abundance of amenities typically enjoyed by corporations doing business in the U.S. But Congress is equally blessed with a purview of authority unique to federal commerce regulations that prohibit censorship. But don't expect any action in today's political environment since Congress's roll call includes a roster of squishy Republicans and foolish Democrats laboring under a naive notion of immunity, as if censorship were a burden marked exclusively for those fail to march in lockstep with today's popular doctrines. It's a belief system eerily reminiscent of the rationale of Eastern Europe, pre-WW-ll. 

    I'm keeping my Twitter account open, but I've moved to Parler. Yes, Parler members have been navigating user "unfriendly" speed bumps caused by a collosal surge of walk-aways from Twitter. Still, I'm confident that Parler will ultimately pay off for free speech enthusiasts like me. 

    • You really should delete your Twitter account. The more members they have the more they can charge their advertisers. It hits them where it hurts. 

    • You're right, Bret. I just deactivated my Twitter account.  

    • And I never had one.

  • Don't subscribe to Twitter or Facebook. They are of no use to me. Just propaganda at this point.

  • This high tech owners want to control our country they should be charged for treason for trying to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and Congress should stop all their shit.

  • I just wish I could Deactivate my addiction to Hollywood. I just Boycoott them. This is how we fight back by hitting them where it hurts. We all made the communists filthy rich and now they use their money to tear down our country. Not just the stars of the movies, but the Producers and Directors as well. J.J. Abrams is a communist supporter so I don't give any of my money to his projects. The Directors and Producers choose what actor they want for their films and they also have to be communist supporters or they don't get the part in the film, it's called Black Listing. Why do you think Leonardo DiCraprio gets so many staring roles in big movies, it's because he is a communist supporter and is big on the Man Made Global Warming hoax.

  • So, how about doing something about hi tech censorship.... Why doesn't someone/some group/some web site that has a lot of viewers promote, no matter what happens in the final event -- promote a 'Drop Twitter and FaceBook event to take place on January 20th... Don't forget that both of them depend on advertising income for their billions.... If Trump's voters (75 Million+++) all drop them, what will the advertisers do?????   

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