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  • Trump's prophesy is right on the money.

  • I do believe the democommies are really worried, now, about everything they have done being revealed to the world, knowing that once everything is out in the open, they will be "dead meat" and held to account.


  • Yessiree.  We cannot let this go unpunished.

  • Lets get united


  • The Dims are intent on installing Communism in these United States ... Antifa and BLM are their Gestapo in this effort ... pretty obvious. Funding: Soros ... he should be brought to trial for inciting/funding treason.

    Why are the Dims moving to impeach President Trump before he leaves office? If he is impeached that may prevent him from ever again running for the US Presidency. Dims ... malicious bastards!

    President Trump is an unabashed and successful Capitalist ... the antithesis of Communism.

    Capitalism vs Communism ... that's what's going on.

    • Mitchell, Trump not being able to run again doesn't matter because we won't have another election if the devildemocommiecrats are allowed to get away with this travesty.  Makes me glad I am old but I feel for my descendents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!!!!!

  • I will remain a Trump voter until I die regardless of what his political party is called.  Either we take over the Republican Party NOW or create a Trump Party makes no difference to me.  We will continue to fight for our right to vote!

    SFC David E. Vaughan

    U.S. Army (Ret.)

    • Me Too SFC.

    • David, that's the spirit. Uphold your pledge of allegiance to Trump and follow him wherever he leads us.

    • Sgt. Trump party already exisits and he got MAGA through Se. Rick Santorum from us:


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