• Does this country have the strength to enforce any righteousness? In any country and up until 50(?) years ago traitors were executed. Period. You did the crime and paid the steep price. Now you don’t even get arrested.And if you are arrested and convicted and people have died because of your treason, Obama welcomes you back home and you write a book.

  • Miley is no general he is a traitor and doesn't deserve to wear the uniform that many young men and women wear in defending our country freedom and many paid the ultimate price l.

    • I've said it many times. He's a disgrace to the uniform.


  • Until exonerated, everyday Mark Milley dons his uniform and is seen in public, is a disgrace to it, and what it serves.

    How does he continue on knowing this?

  • Mr. Ott is correct. We must now begin selecting candidates who represent our values and disregard Party Affiliation. Back those "People" who best represent your ideals of what this Nation, its Constitution and Bill of Rights Stand For, knowing full well that it is the Citizens who are the Sovereign Rulers over the Governments Servants and that "All Must Obey The Laws of Our Nation." Back them with funds, and volunteering, from the Primaries through the Elections. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The reason all these dumb moronic decisions are being made by the democrat elitist fascists is.... We let them get away with it ! They will never be held accountable and they think it's not going to affect them in anyway.  Since elections have been meaningless, our Judicial, Military, CIA and FBI are bought and paid for. Our only hope is making elections fair and vote the Bstards out. Lets concentrate on making our elections count. It's what defines us as a free Republic. It's our only hope to turn this shipwreck around.

  • Give Him to China. If China does not want Him, let Him float in a boat just as "The Man Without A Country."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Its plain and simply, Milley is a traitor.

  • Biden and his communest  coverup  

    all his traders . Milly must be cort marshaled and removed  .

  • I wonder what exactly his motivation was??? Maybe it's money. Maybe he is owned by China. Sounds like a job for the KG.... I mean FBI. Follow the money i'll bet it's there.

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