• In the eyes of the American loving people, Trump is the best ever. In the eyes of the Democratic swamp, he is the worst ever! 10772296867?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Demonrats don't know how to deal with an honest person with impeccible morals who keeps his promises. We the people know that we have such an outstanding public servant who serves America and Americans selflessly in President Donald J. Trump. Those are the reasons why any American patriot follows Trump no matter what.


    • Bingo! You spot on because the Democrats care for themselves 

    • Good evening Cameron... Yes it's quite obvious President Trump scares the H _ LL outta them. They all know at a minimum "Prison" time or something more appropriate to their Crimes against the Citizens of the US forthcoming!

    • We will see come in November because I want to see Hillary Clinton,  Obama,  Joe Biden,  kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros in jail.

  • BTW. There was over 300 F.B.I. there, not 30. Land Sea & Air! All unnecessary, all fraudulent! The Democrats have become Judge, Jury & E10772291881?profile=RESIZE_930xxecutioner and we no longer have a way to stop it. 

    • Interesting.  How do you know there were 300 FBI agents there and the 30 as reported?

  • Good News to report from the Tea Party Front lines: Efforts are paying off mlopez lopez's attacks on the other site are down to... ONE Word!

    mlopez lopez > Concern Citizen August 14, 2022 at 8:04pm 

    But still, I feel it's too early to take a victory lap and I continue thank everyone for their patience and allowing me the leeway to conduct this mission!
    • Oh, so it's a mission, you're on a mission?  Got me again, have you?  Well sting away commander scorpion.  Please do take as much leeway as you desire seeing as you have already sacrificed your honor and exposed yourself to be liar.  Do keep us posted Captian America.

    • lopez... how did you know?  I do have a "Cape" and the "Scorpion Tattoo." Actually the "Cape" is an extremely fine silk item with 22k gold clasp, it was presented as gift of gratitude from Kuwaiti Royalty after the Gulf War... basically for putting my life on the line and saving their Country! The Tattoo well thats more a personal mark commemorating the completion of the AH-1 Attack Helicopter QC. You see the AH-1 is known as the "Cobra" and/or "Snake" thus everyone else did get a "Snake" Tattoo. But me... heck... I have always chosen to lead not follow.  How about You?  Maybe a Linus Powder Blue Blankie and Sponge Bob henna Tat?

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