Top 5 ways Democrats plan to STEAL the 2020 POTUS election ...

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    • It is a hanging offense.  why let them live in luxury in a country club "prison" where they play golf and live a comfortable life while still being able to subvert the American way of life.  Let them swing on a rope and be done with it!!!!!

    • GITMO.

  • they all belong on a gallows not in a prison!!!!!

    • Exactly. I don't want one penny of my taxes going to pay for their 3 hots and a cot.

    • Nor do I.

  • one more thing, hilderbeast clinton is still walking around FREE !!!! Remember Banghazi !!!

    • That was only one of her many crimes against America, do not forget her crimes against HUMANITY.

  • Now is the time for the Attorney General to get working and bringing all those people who wanted to make our election just like in Russia,stealing the people choice in this country doesn't succeed 

  • I do trust him and probably only him.

    • Shirley, I am with you!!!!!

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