• Know Your Friends and keep them close, KNOW EVERY STEP, WORD, ACTION, BREATH OF YOUR ENEMIES (Politicans & Media) and keep them CLOSER-!!! Don't wait for the other guy-!!! USE YOUR ENEMIES WORDS, ACTIONS AGAINST THEM-!!! UNITED WE STAND- DIVIDED WE FALL and Politicans and Media do a great job at DIVIDING POLITICS, FAMILIES, PEOPLE, RELIGION, etc-!!!!

  • There should be demostrations in front of these companies every week.  I won't use their products or services.  They have denounced the Law based solely on President biden, which is an out and out lie.  I hope Gov. Kemp will punish these companies any way that he can.  They have no backbone.  

  • It took me a while to grap with the 2020 election fraud. The crude awakening was to realize that our goverment "is not of the people, for the people and by the people".

    The crude awakening was to realize that our rooky congrecioanl representative was pre-bought prior to being seated, therefore she does not represent us the people

    (masses as they call us the people). Now that the globalists have openly come out and do not care that we the people realize they own and control everything, 

    I do not see a civilize solution and peaceful way to regain the reins of our destiny, thus our government. I hope that our armed forces, which is composed by people like

    you and me, would be on our side when called to defend our country and nation.

  • Grow your own foods and get a horse is the message I hear from Mr Trump.  He'd look great on a horse, probably like George Washington, but he's definitely not George Washington. 

    • What's wrong with you, you old sourpuss!

    • If you can't figure that out look in a mirror

  • Let the people proclaim Trump as the President of the United States the other one was appointed by big tech and socialist who control our voting system.

  • A little help Mr. President with the organizing and resourcing of a counter-revolution would be nice... Individuals are generally reluctant to act alone and need the encouragement of leadership that is ENGAGED... actively and aggressively organizing, resourcing, and demonstrating their personal commitment and resolve to a PLANED scenario with an attainable GOAL.  Protesting to be protesting is often counterproductive... major events need to be coordinated with specific demands presented to the agents or agencies in government that can best satisfy those demands.  Wildcat demonstrations and one-time events are not effective uses of resources.

    First, we need leadership and evidence of their physical commitment to the reform of our government... written goals, plans, facilities, and visible full-time staff working on the problem, would be nice.

    Next, we need a written plan and formal organization... simple, bold, bullet points, that detail the needed reforms... necessary to return our Nation's government to its Constitutional roots...  An Article 5 Convention, RECALL Amendment,  TERM LIMITS Amendment, DOJ and FBI reforms, etc. Then the people need to see the plan resourced... with the creation of State and County chapters of a reform movement... funded leadership and staff to help manage and program events to support our goals... rallies are only a small part of the actions needed...

    We need organized and directed multifaceted campaigns... to call, write, and visit local politicians regarding the support of DRAFT LEGISLATION We submit for actual reforms.  In addition, we need to take active and aggressive roles in attending and managing the local GOP chartered organizations and the leadership of other conservative political groups, thus ensuring we have a unified voice on public reforms at every level of government. 

    Effective political action requires full-time staffing, resourcing, and funding...  We need to nominate and support real conservatives for public office in every position from school board to President. That takes a commitment by those able to resource, staff, and fund the people's participation in rallies, conventions, letter campaigns, and a multitude of other activist events nationwide.  We must become a very VISIBLE FORCE for reform government.  That takes organizing, planning, staffing, and directing large numbers of groups and people who desire to reform government. 

    We can not expect the individual to respond positively to a counter-revolution movement, without the commitment and resourcing by LEADERSHIP... needed to convince them it is worth their effort. Full-time organizational staffing and the infrastructure needed to establish our commitment to government reform are essential if we are to succeed in this endeavor.

    • Sounds like we need to act like......GULP!....democrats...although with the opposite agenda.....anyone listening????

    • We had leadership Ron but the Republican party  voters just didn't support their President like the liberals do their crooks. And they have the media, holliwood ,their party, colleges, teachers, and what ever else they can use to keep their people united against us.

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